Alternatives Public Open House - Comments and Responses

A total of 36 comments were received as part of the 1800 North EIS Alternatives Public Open House. Overall comment themes and responses are shown here.

Many alternatives were considered to meet the transportation needs for the study area.  The environmental study concluded that Alternative 5 and Alternative 7 best met the Purpose and Need, and would move forward for further study, eliminating other alternatives from further consideration.  On the comment form provided at the Public Open House we asked if you agreed that the study should drop these alternatives:

To read more about Alternative 5, Alternative 7, and the Purpose and Need screening, please see the presentation boards that were on display at the Public Open House.

To see 1800 North Interchange Options, including 4A, please click here.

To see 1800 North Interchange Options please click here.

To see a board illustrating the use of raised medians, click here.

To view a cross section for a typical 5-lane road, click here.

To read more about UDOT's Relocation Assistance Program, please click here.


To view the board explaining the railroad crossing, please click here.


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