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Bluff Street Construction Update

Traffic Impacts:
There is  a new traffic alignment from 1300 North to 700 North along Bluff Street including the Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard intersection.

This traffic shift is necessary to create space for the contractor to begin to build the area highlighted as "work zone" in Figure 1. The "work zone' area is the final section of the new Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard Intersection. It is anticipated traffic will be in this configuration for about three weeks. The contractor is focusing manpower and resources on this part of the project to get it built as quickly and safely as possible.

Figure 1. Current Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard lanes are shown as dark grey. The new lanes on both streets are shown as light grey with yellow markings.

Figure 1 Details:

  • Depicts Northbound Bluff Street traffic which has been shifted to the furthest east side of Bluff Street and Southbound Bluff Street traffic which has been shifted parallel to Northbound Bluff Street.
  •  On the top left, the grey lanes with orange dots - these will be orange barrels on the actual road - shows eastbound Sunset Boulevard traffic and westbound Sunset Boulevard traffic shifted onto the newly built Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard Intersection.
  • The red 'work zone' is where the last section of the Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard Intersection needs to be built.


Figure 2. Current travel lanes are shown as dark grey. The new lanes used during this temporary “T” intersection are shown as light grey with yellow highlighting.

Figure 2 Details:

  • To give crews the area to build the road in the 'work zone' depicted in Figure 1, the traffic control team will create a temporary "T" intersection at Diagonal Street and Bluff Street as shown above.
  • Southbound Bluff Street traffic will enter the signalized intersection where motorists can turn left and continue South on Bluff Street or turn right to connect with Sunset Boulevard and continue West.
  • Northbound Bluff Street traffic will enter the signalized intersection and proceed straight to travel West on Sunset Boulevard or make a right turn to continue North on Bluff Street.
  • Eastbound Sunset Boulevard traffic will travel over the newly created Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard intersection and enter the "T" intersection. Motorists wanting to travel South on Bluff Street will stay to the right. Motorists wanting to travel North on Bluff Street will make a left hand turn.

All movements in the "T" intersection are controlled with temporary signals except traffic traveling from eastbound Sunset Boulevard to southbound Bluff Street. This traffic movement will be a through lane with no stopping. Please obey the 30 mph speed limit throughout the corridor and be patient as everyone adjusts to these new traffic configurations.

Bluff Street Construction Update

We remind the public all businesses along the corridor are open and accessible during construction. We encourage you to continue to patronize these businesses, be courteous to other drivers allowing them to merge into mainline traffic and be patient as you travel the corridor.  

This project is a four-fold undertaking and includes:

  • Upgrading and improving all utilities which are buried in the current roadway including storm drain, culinary water, sewer, fiber optics, gas, electrical and an upgraded Advanced Traffic Management System.

  • Increasing capacity by adding an additional northbound and southbound lane from 100 South to 1250 North through this heavily traveled section of roadway.

  • Reconfiguring the intersection at Sunset Boulevard and Bluff Street to improve safety, traffic flow and handle projected traffic increases.

  • Adding a dedicated right turn lane from westbound St George Boulevard to northbound Bluff Street which will improve safety and mobility.

Current Project Schedule:

Thank you for slowing down and allowing others to merge! Speed limits throughout the construction corridor have been lowered to 30 mph.  

On Bluff Street from 100 South to 700 North all lanes of travel have been shifted to the west side of the Bluff Street Corridor. There is one lane in each direction with a center turn lane. Traffic will be in this configuration until the end of September. Motorists are reminded to obey the speed limit, allow merging traffic from businesses and cross streets and be patient.

Diagonal Street at 700 West is closed and will remain this way until September. There is no right turn from Bluff Street onto Diagonal Street and no right turn access from Diagonal Street to northbound Bluff Street.

The second phase of asphalt paving is completed. All travel lanes, cross street tie-ins and parking lots in the UDOT Temporary Easement are paved. This work was accomplished at night to lessen the impacts to the public.

Removal of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, and landscaping continues along the east side of Bluff Street from 100 South to 700 North. These removals will allow for the expansion of Bluff Street from five lanes to seven lanes when the project is finished. Heavy equipment, trucks and ground crews will be in this area performing these tasks. Be aware of crews next to live traffic and stay alert.

The rotomilling and removal of the old asphalt from 100 South to 700 North is finished. The asphalt was trucked away from the site and will be recycled.

If you are accessing a business on the east side of Bluff Street, choosing a side street access may be the simplest option. All businesses are open during construction, but unlike the businesses on the west side of Bluff Street, most businesses

At the intersection of 500 North and Bluff Street crews are installing a new manhole and tying into the new storm drain system. The work involves deep excavation and therefore, there is no access to Bluff Street from the eastside of 500 North. All business at this intersection are open and accessible from 500 North and Bluff Street. Through traffic is being detoured to 400 North or 600 North intersections. 

The new storm drain system on the west side of the project is finished! Crews are now working to tie into this system on the eastside of the project. There will be trenching and deep excavation with large piles of dirt in the areas where the connections are being made. 

The installation of all utilities on the project has been accomplished by working closely with the different utility crews from St George City. We appreciate the City of St George, and their willingness to help at all hours of the day and night. 

The first section of the new Pedestrian Tunnel at the intersection of Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard is finished. Crews are excavating and building the east entrance near the Dixie Red Hills Golf Course. Heavy water barriers have been placed at the intersection of Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard to protect the public and create a safe work space. The structure is being built in three sections. Phase two will start around mid-August.

The tedious work of maintaining a tidy project is accomplished by a dedicated crew who pay attention to property accesses, barricade and sign placement and work to keep dust to a minimum. We apply water and use gravel when necessary to accomplish these tasks.  

The final layer has been applied to the new Soil Nail Wall at Airport Road and Bluff Street. The decorative looking wall is an essential component in slope stabilization.

The slope protecting wall just South of the Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard intersection has been fortified with steel rods and mesh which has been pneumatically sprayed with shotcrete, a concrete mixture. These measures will protect the area from future slope erosion. The final coat of shotcrete is colored and textured to match the surrounding hillside. 

New signal and lighting foundations continue to be formed and poured. The whole corridor will get a new Advanced Traffic Management System which will help with traffic flow and safety. There will also be additional lighting along the corridor to increase visibility and safety. 

All connections to the new culinary waterline are finished! This new system will last up to 40 years and is a great benefit to the area. 

The new 18" waterline around the Sunset Boulevard and Bluff Street Intersection is finished. The trenches used to lay this new line were paved, and all metal plates have been removed.

The new sewer line is finished!

When the project is completed all utilities in the area will be state-of-the-art and are expected to last 30 to 40 years. 

Pedestrians can access the Bluff Street Corridor area by using the trail on the East side of Bluff Street. This area is ADA compliant with ramps installed at the intersections. 

Driver-Friendly Corridor:

Traffic measures along the corridor are designed to guide the traveling public into businesses and onto surface streets. There are Flat Panel Barricades along the entire West side of Bluff Street next to construction. Drivers should never turn between these barricades. When drivers see the Orange Barrel Barricades these will always mark an entrance to a business or access to a surface street. In addition,  'Business Access' signs are displayed for more clarity. 

Please continue to be vigilant when traveling through the corridor. Obey all traffic control, be courteous, be patient, and exhibit civility to fellow drivers and our crews. Safety is our #1 priority. 

Representation of Bluff Street upon completion. 

Travel Advisory:

Thank you for being patient and courteous. Speed has become an issue through the corridor. We implore you to slow down. This is an involved project but together we can make it a successful one. 

Obey all traffic control, be courteous, be patient, and exhibit civility to fellow drivers and our crews.  Safety is our #1 priority.

We invite you to review this website thoroughly, as it contains a lot of valuable information which will help you stay informed prior to and during construction.

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The Bluff Street Corridor Project is an integrated improvement enhancing the way citizens connect and use the Bluff Street Corridor whether by auto, public transit, cycling or walking.