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February 12, 2018

Bluff Street Construction Update

Construction has begun on the Bluff Street Corridor Project. We invite everyone to visit our booth at the Dixie Transportation Expo on Tuesday, February 13 at the Dixie Center. Planners, engineers and UDOT personnel will be available to answer questions and provide information. 

We remind the public all businesses along the corridor are open and accessible during construction. We encourage you to continue to patronize these businesses, be courteous to other drivers allowing them to merge into mainline traffic and be patient as you travel the corridor.  

This project is a four-fold undertaking and includes:

  • Upgrading and improving all utilities which are buried in the current roadway including storm drain, culinary water, sewer, fiber optics, gas, electrical and an upgraded Advanced Traffic Management System.

  • Increasing capacity by adding an additional northbound and southbound lane from 100 South to 1250 North through this heavily traveled section of roadway.

  • Reconfiguring the intersection at Sunset Boulevard and Bluff Street to improve safety, traffic flow and handle projected traffic increases.

  • Adding a dedicated right turn lane from westbound St George Boulevard to northbound Bluff Street which will improve safety and mobility.

Current Project Schedule:

Driver-Friendly Corridor 

Traffic measures along the corridor are designed to guide the traveling public into businesses and onto surface streets. There are Flat Panel Barricades along the entire West side of Bluff Street next to construction. Drivers should never turn between these barricades. When drivers see the Orange Barrel Barricades these will always mark an entrance to a business or access to a surface street. In addition, ‘Business Access' signs are displayed for more clarity.

Holiday Project Closure

There will be no work along the corridor from Friday, February 16 at noon to Monday, February 19 at Midnight. Our crews will be monitoring and maintaining traffic control for safety. We will set the traffic pattern by noon on Friday, and it will stay the same until we resume work on Tuesday morning at 6:00 am. 

Night Work

On Wednesday, February 14 we will be laying the storm drain across airport road where it intersects St George Boulevard. Traffic will be diverted at the top of the hill across Ridgeview Drive and down to 400 North. In addition, the detour will work in reverse for those needing to access The Ridge. On Thursday, February 15 we will be continuing this work at night and will have traffic diverted off of Bluff Street at 300 North detoured around the block and connecting back to Bluff Street at 200 North. All traffic patterns will resume a normal flow by 6:00 am each morning. 

Please slowdown in the construction zone! Speed limits throughout the construction corridor have been lowered to 30 mph. We appreciate your willingness to allow other motorists to merge from side streets and businesses. Thank you for your patience and civility. 

Demolition work along the West side of Bluff Street will be nearing completion this week. Crews are clearing the new area for utility installation and widening of the roadway. All concrete material is being stored on-site and will be crushed to use as base for the new road. All asphalt material is taken to the plant and recycled, and all trees have been taken to the Washington County Landfill and turned into mulch for reuse.

The waterline placement crew on the North end of the project has reached the intersection of  1250 North and tied into the existing system. 

In the next couple of weeks work will begin to take the line across Sunset Blvd and connect to an existing line feeding the water tower on top of the bluff. The South crew continues to work their way North along with the installation of the new storm drain, gas line and fiber optic boring. 

When the project is completed all utilities in the area will be state-of-the-art and are expected to last 30 - 40 years. 

Pedestrians can access the Bluff Street Corridor area by using the trail on the East side of Bluff Street. This area is ADA compliant with the ramps installed at the intersections. Crews have made significant headway on framing the new storm drain culvert at 100 South. 

Experts in steel construction have been placing and tying rebar to create a strong framework. The concrete and steel structure will be 10' wide X 2' high and 371' long.  

Operators working on heavy equipment continue to move material to create the new alignment for the intersection of Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard.  The new alignment shifts the intersection to the Southwest. (Visit our our website and click on the 'Map/Schedule' tab for a detailed view.) 

Grading, excavation and water crews are working to maintain driveway and road approaches through the project. With the amount of traffic traveling and accessing properties along the corridor these crews are constantly busy. 

All businesses are open and would appreciate your patronage.

Representation of Bluff Street upon completion. 

Traffic Pattern
At the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Bluff Street we have removed the 'free right' turn from Eastbound Sunset onto Southbound Bluff Street. Turning traffic stops at the intersection. In addition, the 'free right' turn from Southbound Bluff Street to Westbound Sunset Boulevard has been removed with traffic stopping there as well.  Crews have cut the asphalt in the area to facilitate access and begin the work of the new water line. Due to the increase in water usage during warmer months work to replace this line must be completed by April 1. 

Travel Advisory
Thank you for being patient and courteous. Speed has become an issue through the corridor. We implore you to slow down. This is an involved project but together we can make it a successful one. 
Obey all traffic control, be courteous, be patient, and exhibit civility to fellow drivers and our crews. Safety is our #1 priority.

We invite you to review this website thoroughly, as it contains a lot of valuable information which will help you stay informed prior to and during construction.

If you are interested in receiving project emails, please go to the 'Contact Tab' and submit your information. Your information will be kept confidential and will only be used for Bluff Street Corridor updates.


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The Bluff Street Corridor Project is an integrated improvement enhancing the way citizens connect and use the Bluff Street Corridor whether by auto, public transit, cycling or walking.