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SR-18 or Bluff Street in St George, Utah is a highly traveled roadway tasked with carrying an increasing load as the population in the area continues to grow. The roadway carries over 44,000 cars per day and this number is expected to grow to 65,000 by 2040. To address this need, UDOT completed an environmental study in March of 2015 to evaluate various transportation options. Through careful analysis and close coordination with the local communities, a solution was identified which met transportation needs while minimizing impacts. 

The project will

  • Widen Bluff Street to 3 lanes in each direction between St George Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard  
  • Add a dedicated free-right turn lane for Westbound to Northbound turn movements from St George Boulevard onto Bluff Street
  • Maintain current left turns at the St George Boulevard and Bluff Street intersection
  • Expand left turn movements at the intersection of Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard
  • Increase shoulder width and dedicated lanes for bike traffic along the corridor
  • Improve pedestrian access with a box culvert under Bluff Street  
  • Upgrade existing trail system in the area.

These improvements will:

  • Provide flexibility to accommodate future expansion as growth dictates
  • Save money and allocate it to other road projects in the area
  • Create safe access for pedestrians and cyclists to new trail system in the area
  • Decrease environmental impacts to surrounding areas
  • Enhance turn movements by increasing capacity
  • Expand traffic flow by adding lanes and improve safety along the roadway.

UDOT looks forward to this opportunity to serve your communities by providing improved transportation and increased safety for all who travel and live around the Bluff Street Corridor.

Engineers estimate at the current growth rate in the City of St George additional transportation expansion in the area would not be necessary until 2030.

The project is scheduled to be completed in November 2018.