If 0.25 shows on the first sign you see after you enter the Express Lane, the cost to drive in any length of the zone is 25 cents even if the price changes while you are still in the zone. Please note that the signs indicate the toll for the zone ahead not the zone you drove through prior to the sign. The cost to drive in each zone ranges from 25 cents to $1 depending on congestion levels. See a zone map

All drivers, carpoolers or non-carpoolers, may use the Express Lanes for free with or without an Express Pass. You may see this when there is a planned construction closure in another I-15 lane or when an accident is blocking the other lanes.

Only carpoolers, buses, motorcycles, C Decal vehicles and emergency vehicles may use the Express Lanes. Solo drivers with an Express Pass are not allowed in the Express Lanes. You may see this if there is ever too much congestion in the Express Lane.

All drivers must exit the Express Lanes at the next access point. You may see this if there is a planned construction closure of the Express Lane or an accident blocking the Express Lanes.