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A UDOT Project
Road Conditions

U.S.89 Kanab to Kanab Creek Overview

Construction is continuing on US-89 just North of Kanab between mileposts 65 and 68. The road is open with one-lane pilot car operations during daylight hours.

Construction of the new road will allow for the realignment of US-89 through the area and create a wider and safer roadway. The Utah Department of Transportation is constructing improvements to US-89 from the 300 North intersection in Kanab to the Kanab Creek Bridge near MP 68.

The 3-mile long project will provide:

* Pavement resurfacing

* Wider Shoulders

* Various roadway alignment shifts throughout the project

* Acceleration lane at the Port of Entry

Paving began last week and will continue for the next few weeks.

This Week's Construction Activity


Monday, April 14 - Friday, April 18, 2014

Road closures from 300 North in Kanab to Kanab Creek are complete. No more construction road closures are anticipated for the duration of the project.

From 7:00 am to 7:30 pm, motorists can expect up to a 20 minute delay while waiting in the queue for the pilot car to take them safely through the project.

From 7:30 pm to 7:00 am the roadway will be open to two lane travel and reduced speeds of 35 mph.

All times are approximate. As the daylight hours lengthen over the next few weeks construction crews will increase their work hours on the project.

Motorists waiting in the queue in Kanab should leave openings at the cross-streets beginning at 300 North for motorists needing to cross the intersection or turn onto US-89 into town.

Driving surfaces through the project are a combination of asphalt and roadbase. Therefore, speeds have been reduced to 35 mph to maintain a safe traveling speed. There are ruts and bumps in the driving surface. The public should obey all posted warnings and stay within the driving channel created with cones and barrels.

Following completion of the shoulders, asphalt work will move to the North limits of the project. This first phase of paving will take up to three weeks. 

Paving began on the widened shoulders on the South end of the project last week. Crews will lay asphalt on the new areas to meet the existing roadway. The entire three mile project will get an overlay of three inches of asphalt. 

Grading work to widen the shoulders of the road is continuing this week near MP67. Crews continue to remove asphalt, replace the roadbase and work different areas to achieve final grade in preparation for asphalt paving.

Temporary asphalt will be removed from trenches created in the roadway to install new drains. New permanent asphalt will be compacted into the trenches to decrease settling as the roadway ages.

Currently, there is a drop off to the existing subgrade along the shoulders of US-89 through the project. Barrels have been placed to protect the shoulder and keep traffic traveling on the best surface.

Existing guardrail has been removed at different areas within the project limits. Traffic control devices have been placed to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

The flagging area on the south end of the project will be changing as work dictates. Sometimes the stoppage will begin at 300 North but at other times it will be moved further North. The Kanab Volunteer Center has placed restroom facilities at each area.

The trucking of roadbase and asphalt from south of Kanab to the project is continuing for several weeks. Motorists should expect increased traffic on US-89A and through Kanab to the job site. 

The new acceleration lane at the Port Of Entry is taking shape. Crews are have completed subgrade preparation and have begun to grade the roadbase for asphalt paving later this spring. The new lane will provide a safer transition for trucks merging into active lanes of travel.

During an emergency situation where emergency responders need to travel through the construction zone they will be allowed to do so. The contractor will maintain a pathway through the project at all times for any emergency situations and will be coordinating with the Kane County Sheriff's office.


All questions regarding the construction schedule and travel access should be directed to Lisa Beck or Dave Asay from FrontLine Public Involvement.


They will coordinate with citizens and businesses in providing accurate construction impact information.  


Contact Information:  Lisa Beck - 801.663.1711 and Dave Asay - 801.712.3030. 


All media inquiries should be directed to UDOT Region 4 Communications Manager Kevin Kitchen at kevin@utah.gov or the department's media hotline at 801-746-9932.

General Information

Traffic through the construction area will be controlled at times with pilot car operations and flaggers. Motorists can expect up to a 20 minute delay. Be aware of changing traffic patterns and significantly reduced speed limits in the area.


Due to the dangers associated with mass ecvacation, potential rock fall and heavy equipment operations, UDOT urges off-road vehicles and hikers to stay clear of the area.

All contractors and subcontractors working on the project are required to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when operating in the construction zone.









A UDOT Project