Ogden Canyon

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) recently completed a Transportation Study in Ogden Canyon. The Transportation Commission asked UDOT to conduct the study and look at all modes of transportation in the canyon. The purpose of the study was to gather and share information in an interactive and transparent process to develop an understanding of the safety and mobility needs in the canyon.

The study analysis included existing and future safety concerns, traffic volumes, resident needs, economic needs, multi-modal uses (biking, truck traffic, pedestrian, transit, etc.), recreational uses, and environmental and geotechnical/geologic concerns.

December 2016 Update

Phase II of the study is now complete and the report is available for public review here.

Next Steps:

Roadway Improvements – UDOT will use the study’s recommendations to prioritize projects for funding approval by the Transportation Commission. Each improvement will require an environmental approval, and maintenance and safety projects will be prioritized first.

UDOT has upcoming projects in Ogden Canyon. One project will flatten a curve and widen the road in The Narrows (as recommended from our Phase I study). The other project will replace the bridge at Grey Cliffs and perform minor rehabilitation on the two bridges located at the top and bottom of the canyon.

Shared Use Trail – Weber County is the lead agency on any future trail in the canyon. The County will assess this Study’s final report and determine any future funding, phasing, and timing of a trail system.

Items that were not fully developed but warrant further analysis include access management, zoning and land use, property boundaries, parking, and corridor preservation. We have met with Pineview Water, Bureau of Reclamation, and PacifiCorp/Rocky Mountain Power and have received conditional approval to study a trail on their corridor. Further coordination will need to occur with these agencies, residents, and Weber County.