The Purpose & Need defines the goals and objectives that the study will address (purpose), and identify the existing and future conditions that need to be changed (need).

The purpose of the project is to:
  • Improve traffic operations in Payson by reducing expected roadway congestion at the Main Street interchange and on Main Street between approximately 900 North and 100 North: Accommodate future travel demand for automobile and freight traffic by improving LOS at the interchange and along Main Street compared to the no-action conditions
  • Improve design deficiencies to meet current roadway design standards: Evaluate options that will address the identified safety and

operational inadequacies and meet UDOT and AASHTO design standards, thereby improving the functionality and safety of the interchange compared to the no-action conditions.

The project purpose would address the following needs:
  • The existing infrastructure will not be able to adequately serve the projected transportation demands from a rapidly growing population in and around Payson.
  • Existing design deficiencies compromise vehicle safety and limit the overall functionality of the interchange.