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Road Construction


The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is driven in all that it does by four strategic goals. Using funds allocated by the Utah State Legislature the Department works to:

UDOT's Strategic Goals

Along with working toward these goals, UDOT is also committed to spending transportation funds effectively and has developed this website to help demonstrate how the money is used. Funding and project information is available several different ways within the website, from how it helps work toward one of the strategic goals, to project location and finally by legislative fund.

Impact information can not be found on this website and should be obtained from the UDOT Traffic website.

To bid on a project please visit the Project Explorer system.

Information on this site is for UDOT-managed projects only (not locally managed projects), and the project information is updated monthly. The dollar amounts and scheduled dates shown are approximations only. For more detailed information, please utilize the "Contact Information" provided on each Project Summary.

This website pulls data from several different business systems; if you find inaccurate data or problems please contact Becky Parker at rebeccaparker@utah.gov.

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