Pavement Preservation

Pavement Preservation addresses pavements while they are still in good condition and before the onset of serious damage. By applying a cost-effective treatment at the right time, the pavement is restored almost to its original condition allowing UDOT to postpone costly rehabilitation and reconstruction. During the life of a pavement, the value of pavement preservation treatments is substantially less than reconstruction and major rehabilitation. Additionally, performing a series of successive pavement preservation treatments during the life of a pavement is less disruptive to traffic flow than the long closures normally associated with reconstruction projects.

The citizens of the State of Utah own a pavement infrastructure valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and that investment must be protected. Pavement Preservation is easily the most effective weapon available to fight the constant battle to Preserve Infrastructure. By performing periodic low cost surface seals on pavements that are still in good condition, that good condition can be made to last much longer than the structural design life would suggest.