Road and Bridge Construction Site


UDOT recognizes the importance of creating and managing a transportation system that enables economic growth and empowers prosperity. Investing in major roadway projects in the past few years has paid great dividends. While many cities in the United States show increasing travel times, Utah travel times are decreasing even though the population has grown.

When Utah's roadways are safe, free of congestion and operate efficiently, Utahns are free to live where they like with a wider selection of jobs. Businesses are also able to reach a wider range of customers and employee base.

Preserving the infrastructure benefits the economy by costing less and optimizing limited public dollars, creating more efficient access to businesses and employment and causing less delay through periodic maintenance in contrast to major reconstruction.

UDOT understands the importance of mobility and its significance for economic growth. Businesses also understand the importance of locating in areas where their products can be distributed quickly and efficiently, and where their employees can benefit from a good quality of life.

Everyone benefits from a safe transportation system, including the economy. When a roadway is known to be safe, residents and visitors will be more likely to use it. Safe roads can promote the growth of business along that roadway and in the local economy.

For the third year in a row, Forbes magazine has named Utah as the best state in the U.S. for doing business. According to economists, transportation plays a big role in the state’s business environment. UDOT has worked with many companies to determine what their transportation needs are.

"Infrastructure is incredibly important to most companies when considering where to develop and expand. Manufacturers and distribution businesses need to be close to main thoroughfares to easily transport their products in and out of the region quickly." - Lane Beattie, President and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber.