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I-80 Truck Lane and Wildlife Improvements

Over the past several weeks, UDOT has analyzed options for noise abatement near Jeremy Ranch to try to meet project requirements and address the community’s feedback and concerns surrounding the issue.

Two potential concepts were analyzed for constructability and effectiveness as well as adherence to UDOT’s Noise Policy.

First, the project team looked at a berm on the north side of Rasmussen Road, adjacent to the golf course. This option was determined to be unconstructable due to two underground high pressure gas lines and significant impacts to wetlands, and moving the berm further south, away from the gas lines, would eliminate its ability to abate noise.

Next, the project team used the refined and current roadway design to model varying berm and wall combination scenarios. After this analysis, it has been determined that a wall with panels ranging between 7 and 17 feet on top of a variable height berm (Figure 1) would meet federal guidelines and adhere to UDOT’s Noise Abatement Policy, while eliminating the need for a solid concrete 18-foot wall, as originally proposed.

This berm/wall combination will now move forward into the balloting process. Benefitted receptors will receive official ballots in late-October, 2017. Respondents will have four weeks total to return their completed ballots. As a reminder, of the properties balloted, 75 percent must return ballots and of those returned, 75 percent must be in favor of a noise abatement solution in order for one to be built.

Again, we understand the sensitivities surrounding this issue within the community, and have worked to develop a potential solution that addresses concerns and still provides a noise benefit. We ask that neighbors be respectful of others in the community as this process moves forward.

For more detailed information, please read this Noise Analysis Summary.

Project Overview

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will add a truck lane on westbound I-80 from Jeremy Ranch to Parleys Summit. In addition, both directions of I-80 from Lambs Canyon to west of Kimball Junction will be repaved – approximately seven miles.
In coordination with this project, UDOT is developing a long-term solution for the area’s wildlife mitigation concerns. In the fall of 2016, maintenance crews installed one mile of wildlife fencing on westbound I-80 near Jeremy Ranch. UDOT is evaluating and planning for additional improvements including a proposed wildlife bridge and additional fencing in both directions between Jeremy Ranch and Parleys Summit.



Below is UDOT's estimated timeline for the project.


September 2016

One mile of wildlife fencing *

October 2016

Design/Environmental Analysis

Late 2016 to Summer 2017


Summer 2017

Project Advertisement

September 2017


Spring 2018

The schedule has been revised throughout the course of this project. This timeline reflects the most current plan.
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