Download FREE songs from the award-winning “SNAP, Walk ’n Roll” assembly and movie!

With upbeat, original music fit for a rock show, these songs will get you and your friends excited about walking and biking safely to school.

1. SNAP, Walk ’n Roll 1:56
2. I Know My Signs 2:28
3. Step To It 2:12
4. Ride On 2:41
5. Watch Out 2:05
6. Jumpstart 2:01
7. SNAP, Walk ’n Roll reprise 1:05
8. SNAP, Walk ’n Roll 1:54
9. I Know My Signs 2:28
10. Step To It 2:12
11. Ride On 2:41
12. Watch Out 2:05
13. Jumpstart 2:01
14. SNAP, Walk ’n Roll reprise 1:04

Note to Parents: The “SNAP, Walk ’n Roll” assembly and movie feature seven original songs ranging in style from hip-hop and pop to country and soul. The songs are designed to engage and educate students through styles that appeal to their musical interests.

Each song teaches safe walking and biking messages in a memorable way. Whether learning from Lady SNAP, a hip-hop character who teaches traffic signs and signals, or jammin’ with Alex and Danny, two adventurous boys following their SNAP Map to school, students are entertained while learning important safety information.