Getting students to walk and bike safely to school becomes a reality when parents, schools, crossing guards and communities work together.

1. Make sure your school has a current SNAP Plan.

2. Distribute your school's SNAP Map to parents and students:

Include in back-to-school packets

Post on your school's website

Email to parents

Have copies available at the front office

Redistribute the SNAP Map in the spring

3. Organize a Walking School Bus group with parents and students attending your     school. It's easy with UDOT's free Walking School Bus app.

4. Encourage your school to participate in SNAP's annual Walk More in Four

5. Plan a walking event for International Walk to School Day.

6. Plan a biking event for National Bike to School Day.

Lesson Plan Ideas

The lesson plan handout has activity ideas for various time limits that incorporate use of other SNAP resources, such as the student activity booklet and the SNAP Walk 'n Roll soundtrack.

Safety Fair Ideas

The safety fair brochure contains ideas on how to organize a safety fair and activities for students to learn safe walking and biking skills.

More Ideas:

Organize a Walking School Bus

Start a Bike Train

Host a safety fair

Track students progress as part of a Mileage Club

Sponsor a "Walking Wednesday" every week to keep the momentum going all year

See what other schools throughout the United States are doing:

- National Center for Safe Routes to School

- Safe Routes to School National Partnership

- International Walk to School Day