You can win prizes just by walking and biking safely to school at least three days each week in September. In 2015, the competition will be from Monday, Aug. 31 through Friday, Sept. 25. Entry forms are due by Sept. 30.

Here are the rules:

 Walk or bike to school at least three days a week for the four weeks in September.

 If you are unable to walk to school due to distance you can still participate by   practicing safe habits while walking or biking in your neighborhood.

 Mark your progress each week on the online or downloadable progress chart and have your parent/guardian sign it when complete.

Students who successfully complete the challenge are eligible for the prize drawing, which have included new bikes, scooters and helmets.

Download PTA & School Administrator Walk More in Four instructions PDF

The school with the highest percentage of students completing the Walk More in Four challenge will be eligible to win $500 to be used by the school's Safety Committee and the "Golden Tennis Shoe" traveling trophy.

West Elementary in Tooele won the 2014 Walk More In Four Competition.