Ensuring the safety of students as they walk and bike to school is a primary focus of UDOT’s Student Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP)™. UDOT SNAP’s free crossing guard materials will enhance your training; promote uniform, effective performance of crossing guards; and, ultimately, help ensure students’ safety as they walk and bike to school.

UDOT Crossing Guard Fundamentals

Employing an entertaining sportscast format to teach basic techniques and procedures, “UDOT Crossing Guard Fundamentals” is a 15-minute DVD that depicts various types of intersections and situations as well as the DOs and DON’Ts for safely crossing students.

Incorporating real-life interviews of a principal, a parent and a police officer, “UDOT Crossing Guard Fundamentals” will instill within crossing guards a sense of their importance to the community and the children they help to keep safe.

UDOT Crossing Guard Quick Reference

As a supplement to a department’s existing training procedures, the UDOT Crossing Guard Quick Reference (CGQR) booklet provides an overview of crossing guard techniques and responsibilities in a concise format that fits in a vest pocket so crossing guards can easily refer to it on the job.

The CGQR provides space to take notes and can be personalized with supervisor and emergency contact information. It is suggested that the CGQR become part of the standard uniform.

If you represent a Utah police department or hire and/or train crossing guards in Utah, please contact UDOT SNAP as snap@utah.gov or 801-428-1031.