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A UDOT Project

2000 West Syracuse to West Point

SR-193 EXTENSION; 2000 to 3000 W. NOW OPEN!
The newly completed segment of SR-193 is now open to traffic. We thank all of the businesses, residents, travelers, and other stakeholders for all of your patience and cooperation throughout construction. If you have any feedback for our team at the conclusion of this project, please send an email to dez@frontlinepi.com. We would love to hear any of your thoughts on our work.

Work Activities This Week (01/11-01/18)

  • Daytime sewer permit work is scheduled to begin at the intersection of SR-108 and 300 North on Sunday, January 14, 2018.  Please use caution as left and right turn restrictions may be in place. Consider 1750 West - 100 North, 470 North - 2300 West, 800 North and SR-193 as alternate routes.
  • Due to winter weather conditions, landscape items such as sod and sprinklers will be placed in early Spring 2018.
  • Drainage pipe is being installed near 1175 S. and is expected to continue through the winter. 
  • Utility companies continue working throughout the project area between Antelope Drive and 300 North.
  • Intermittent pipe placement and utility work will continue, weather permitting, throughout the winter. Work has been reduced significantly until early February, but crews will be out working where they can when weather permits. Intermittent lane shifts and shoulder closures may occur during these times, so please be aware and watch for signage.

Traffic Alerts

  • A closure at the 2000 W. and 700 S. intersection, on the east side, is scheduled to take place Monday, Jan. 15 for signal light work. The closure will extend just east of Syracuse High School with north and southbound traffic remaining open. Alternate routes include SR-193, Banbury Drive and Heritage Parkway. A police officer will be on-scene to direct traffic.
  •  A closure at the 2000 W. and 700 S. intersection, on the west side, is scheduled to take place Tuesday, Jan. 16 for signal light work. The closure will extend just west of 2000 W. with north and southbound traffic remaining open. Alternate routes include SR-193, 1100 S. and 1175 S. A police officer will be on-scene to direct traffic.
  • No street parking will be available along the east side of 2000 West from Heritage Parkway to 300 North through winter 2018.
  • No parking is allowed within 50 feet of the newly installed HAWK Signal near Syracuse Elementary and Syracuse Jr. High.
  • Intermittent turn lane, shoulder, and median restrictions may occur. 
  • Intermittent lane shifts may occur for utility work and pipe placement through the winter.


Photos Courtesy of Matthew Eccles 

Segment One of the 2000 West Reconstruction project, which is the east side of the road between 700 South and SR-193, is completed and open to traffic. This segment was expedited in order to ensure that the work in front of Syracuse High School, would be completed prior to the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Work is now taking place on the west side of the roadway.  

HAWK Signal

Location:1503 South 2000 West – Near Syracuse Elementary/Jr. High
• The High-Intensity Activated CrossWalis now active.
• The video link below has some great information about the HAWK Signal that may be helpful:
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=VJ5_pgKZ9SI

• When using the HAWK:
1. Push the button and wait for the signal lights to turn on
2. Look Left
3. Look Right
4. Look Left one more time, and . . . 
5. Make eye contact with the driver of an approaching vehicle, so that you make sure that you see them, and that they see you and understand that you want to cross.
6. Cross the street ONLY when the WALK symbol is on and the vehicle has stopped, or completely passed the crosswalk




Utility Shutoffs
Utility companies may schedule intermittent shutoffs to accomplish their work.  They will provide advance notice where applicable.    

West Point Batch Plant Operations
The West Point Batch Plant near 75 North and 2000 West in West Point has been shut down for the winter. It is expected to resume operations in Spring 2018.



For your safety and the safety of those working in the area, please exercise caution, stay alert and be prepared.


Please feel free to contact us at 801.336.6977 or 844.200.0937.


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Click here for video flyover of Phase 1

SR-193 Extension: 3000 West


Photos Courtesy of Matthew Eccles

The UDOT SR-193 Extension Project continues construction activities with project completion scheduled for late January.


  • The newly completed segment of SR-193 is open to traffic.
  • Noise wall installation and cure time, as well as other finish work, will continue through the end of January.
2000 West Project Team Goals
  • Provide a safe, high quality project that meets current and future traffic demands
  • Achieve a high level of satisfaction with motorists, property owners, and all stakeholders
  • Minimize traffic impacts and maintain safety, mobility, and access during construction
  • Safely accommodate and support pedestrian, bicycle, and transit use
  • Begin construction in the spring of 2017 with completion by November 2018
  • Complete the project under the $50 million budget

Stay Informed - If you are interested in receiving project updates via email, please click the "Contact Our Team" tab and submit your information. Your information is strictly confidential.