Goal: Preserve Infrastructure

Infrastructure Dashboard

A composite metric for infrastructure is based on the following key performance measures:

  • Bridges (38%)
  • Pavement (36%))
  • Signals (17%)
  • Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) (9%)
Current Overall Performance

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Safety Performance Measures

How are we doing?

Through a proactive asset management approach, the overall conditions of bridge and pavement systems continue to improve. The gas tax enacted in 2016 will allow us to invest in strategic enhancement of our low volume roads and bridge systems, demonstrating that, “good roads cost less.”

We apply the same philosophy to the management of our ATMS and signal system. We’re improving our data collection and life-cycle cost planning as the size of our systems grow.

UDOT Strategies to Preserve Infrastructure

Infrastructure Performance Measures

Pavement Condition

Data on pavement condition is collected every year. In the bar chart below data for 2018 to 2022 is a forecast.

Target: Utah’s overall roadway condition is 80% fair or good.

Bridge Condition

Bridge inspection is occurring year-round resulting in a frequency of every structure every two years. In March of each year, the BHI score of each structure inspected in the previous 12 months is updated. In March of each year, each structure is inspected and scored out of 100 using the Bridge Health Index (BHI).

The Bridge Health Index of the National Highway System (NHS), State, and Local Governments and Municipalities is tracked.

Automated Traffic Signal System Condition

These devices and signals are key infrastructure measurements to manage traffic, and provide a safe, and reliable movement of goods, services and people. The department tracks the health of these through ongoing preventative maintenance and performance monitoring.


This number is determined by the percentage of operational devices.

Target: 95 percent of devices in operation

Signal Condition

This number is determined through an annual assessment that includes all electronics and physical infrastructure.

Target: 95 percent of signals in average condition or above