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Get Ready for a Data Portal Overhaul

The GIS data portal is going to get an overhaul very soon. See some of the highlights below.

  • Search - Go right to a data layer to visualize, explore and download.
  • Browse - Search through data layers by category.
  • Apps - Access to apps helps explore and familiarize yourself with data layers.
Welcome ...

This portal provides spatial and non-spatial UDOT data.

Go to the Download section to download enterprise data in a variety of formats including:

  • ESRI shapefile
  • KML (used by Google Earth and Google Maps)

Please use the Issue / Bug / Enhancement link at the top of the page to report a data problem or issue with the application.

Please use Request a Layer link at the left or contact us if you are looking for more data.

Contact Us

E-mail: udotgis@utah.gov

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