A UDOT Study

Alternatives Meeting
Plan now to attend an Open House on June 20, 2017 at Layton High School from 4:30 to 8 pm. Alternative conceptual designs will be presented

The Utah Department of Transportation has initiated a State Environmental Study (SES) to identify alternatives that would improve traffic flow and safety on US-89 from Farmington north to I-84

Growing traffic demand has caused the US-89 corridor between Farmington and I-84 to become increasingly congested during the morning and evening peak travel periods. Traffic studies project and increase in traffic volume with congestion worsening in the future. The SES will develop and evaluate freeway improvement options to accommodate the growing traffic demand after inviting public input.

The alternatives will include concepts such as constructing an additional lane in each direction and consolidating access points in the study area.

The study will evaluate improvements to the existing roadway that would provide for current and future traffic demands in the region. The alternatives will be evaluated for potential environmental, social and economic impacts. The study results will be used to help UDOT plan transportation needs of the region.

The overall goal of the study is to provide a solution for adding capacity and improving operations and safety on US-89 through Davis County from Farmington to the I-84 Interchange.

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Below is UDOT's estimated timeline for the State Environmental Study process.

Conduct Environmental Scoping

February 2017

Define Project's Purpose and Need

February 2017

Identification and Initial Development of Alternatives

May 2017

Alternatives Open House

June 20, 2017

Environmental Resource Analyses

July 2017

Prepare Draft State Environmental Study

July 2017

Public Hearing

August 2017

Prepare Final State Environmental Study

October 2017

Decision Document

November 2017


Purpose And Need

US-89 is an important north-south corridor in Davis County
Existing highway capacity will not meet the future travel demand