A UDOT Study

Purpose and Need

Growing traffic demand has caused the US-89 corridor between Farmington and I-84 to become increasingly congested. By 2040, traffic volume will increase by 35%, from 37,700 to 50,800 vehicles per day. This will exceed the current capacity of US-89.
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Under the No-Action scenario, peak commute times will increase from about 11 minutes to upwards of 50 minutes between Main Street and I-84. In addition, more than 400 crashes have occurred in the last 3 years, 10 resulting in serious injury or fatality.
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The purposes of the US-89 Project are to:

  • Improve regional and local mobility
  • Provide enhanced system linkage between I-15 and I-84
  • Address current and future travel demand on US-89
  • Improve safety