A UDOT Study

SES Process and Schedule

Below is UDOT's estimated timeline for the State Environmental Study process.

Environmental Scoping
February 2017

Scoping refers to the early and open process of determining the key issues, needs, and impacts that should be addressed in the SES and will be important in decision-making.. The Scoping Open House was held on February 16, 2017.

Define Purpose and Need
February 2017

A project's "Need" is an identified transportation deficiency or problem, and its "Purpose" is the set of objectives that will be met to address the transportation deficiency. A clear, concise, well justified Purpose and Need statement is the foundation of every transportation project.

Alternatives Development & Screening
June 2017

This step of the process provides an opportunity for the project team and the public to propose alternatives for consideration. This was accomplished through the Concepts Review Open House and associated comment period in June-July 2017. These alternatives are then reviewed based on screening criteria to determine which alternatives should move forward for further study.

Engineering and Impact Analysis
July 2017

Engineering and Impact Analysis includes preparing more detailed designs of the screened alternatives so that the benefits and impacts of each alternative can be accurately measured.

Prepare the Draft Environmental Study
July-August 2017

A Draft of the State Environmental Study (SES), is a document prepared for public and agency review that meets the National Environmental Policy Act and Utah State Law. It describes the benefits and impacts of each alternative that passed screening and recommends a preferred alternative for public feedback.

Public Hearing & Comment Period
August 2017

The Public hearing provides an opportunity for the public to verbally share their feedback on the Draft SES and the recommended alternative. A comment period is also provided for the public to review the SES and make formal comments.

Respond to Public Comments
October - December 2017

The State Environmental Study (SES)team is reviewing over 700 comments received from the public hearing held in September. Each comment will receive an official response.
Due to some suggestions raised in the comments, some preliminary design concepts are being revised to better serve the public. These changes will require another public hearing to be held.

Follow up Public Hearing
January 2018

A follow up public hearing will be held mid January, 2018. Details are forthcoming.

Prepare Final State Environmental Study
February 2018

The final State Environmental Study (SES) is a final report that addresses the comments provided at the public hearings and during the public comment periods. It may involve significant changes from the Draft SES or only minor changes. It may also affect the recommended Preferred Alternative

Decision Document
February 2018

This is the final step in the SES process. UDOT will draft and sign a document that identifies the Preferred Alternative for the project.