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Road Conditions
Road Conditions

Updated October 28, 2014

Antelope Drive Related Work to close US-89 lanes Wednesday to Friday

Crews will work to open new Antelope Drive extension by noon on Friday


The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) advises motorists that one lane will be closed in each direction on US-89 in East Layton, from tomorrow night through Friday to facilitate work related to the opening of Antelope Drive at that location.

Beginning Wednesday evening October 29, crews will reduce traffic on US-89 to one lane in both north and south directions, from approximately SR-193 to Cherry Lane.  This work will facilitate the final work to complete and open the extension of Antelope Drive, from Oak Forest Drive to its new intersection with US-89.  These lanes will be in this configuration through Friday morning, October 31.

The closed lanes will change throughout the night and day as crews work to remove islands and the signal at Sunset Lane, remove and repaint roadway striping, construct curbing, and activate the new signal at the new Antelope Drive intersection. Because of this necessary work to complete the project, traffic slowdowns and heavy congestion should be expected during peak traffic times through this section on US-89. Motorists with time-sensitive travel are encouraged to leave as much as 20 minutes earlier than their normal departure times, or use alternative routes such as I-15 to avoid delays.

Motorists or property owners with questions, concerns or seeking updates about the Antelope Drive Extension project, should contact the project team via 801-712-3030.



Project Description


The US-89; Antelope Drive Intersection Improvement Project will connect Antelope Drive from its current ending point in east Layton to U.S. Highway 89.  The project is designed to improve greater east/west connectivity in Layton City. This project also adds a new frontage road that will serve as a collector for seven current access points on Highway 89. Construction includes the removal of the old roadway as well as the base materials it was built on. Crews will then build a completely new roadway integrating updated design and safety features, including frontage road, new intersection at Highway 89 and Antelope Drive.   The project increases safety by closing 7 access points that will now be served by the new frontage road and the new signal-controlled intersection at Highway 89. By completing this project UDOT is able to optimize mobility in Utah's transportation system.

A companion project located immediately north of the Antelope Drive project will take place this summer at SR-193 and continue to South Weber Drive.  This project involves creating a double left turn from SR-193 onto the northbound on-ramp.  The on-ramp will be widened to two lanes and will merge into a new auxiliary lane when it joins US-89.  The auxiliary lane will run the complete length of the project to South Weber Drive.  Added safety features will also be added including median barriers located in the center of US-89 from SR-193 all the way to South Weber Drive.

The bid to construct the Antelope Drive Improvements was awarded to Staker & Parson Construction and preliminary construction activities are underway.  The SR-193 to South Weber Drive project is being constructed by Granite Construction and work on installation of the new drainage system has started.

Construction Underway - Intersection and Drainage

The first phase of the Antelope Drive project has been identified by the contractor as the new intersection at US-89 where Antelope Drive will eventually join. The purpose behind starting at the intersection is to provide an access for construction vehicles to haul the fill for the Antelope Drive extension while avoiding the use of neighborhood streets. This will eliminate noise, dust, and heavy construction traffic on city streets.

The contractor built their project office just west of US-89 and north of 2100 N.

Drainage work continues from approximately SR-193 to near South Weber Drive of the east side of US-89. Note that particular attention is being paid to dust control. Concrete pipes have been put into place. Installation will begin occurring later in the week.

Roadway Design Illustrations

The accompanying illustrations will help you better understand the nature of the two projects located on US-89 in Layton and South Weber.  While these are representative illustrations and do not reflect every detail of the project in its entirety, the overall approach to the project is accurate.

Click on map for full version

(Draft - subject to change)

Map of US-89 Antelope Drive Project

SR193 S Weber Drive



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