Study Coordination

We are coordinating with local cities, counties, federal and state regulatory agencies and other interested individuals and organizations to ensure that all issues and potential concerns are identified and considered before a final decision is made.

Cooperating Agencies

Any local, state or federal agency, other than the lead agencies (UDOT and FHWA), that has jurisdiction by law or special expertise with respect to any environmental impact involved in the proposed project or project alternative.

Participating Agencies

Any local, state, regional, tribal or federal government agency that has an interest in the project.

Stakeholder Working Group

Representatives from the cooperating and participating agencies and various non-governmental organizations representing community, environmental, transportation and recreation/healthy lifestyle interests.

SAFETEA-LU Coordination Plan

SAFETEA-LU is a federal law that requires an environmental study team to coordinate closely with local, state and federal agencies. The SAFETEA-LU Coordination Plan explains how we are implementing this regulation on the West Davis Corridor study.