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Map of Express Lanes zones

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Express Pass

Express Pass is an electronic payment system along the I-15 Express Lanes. The system runs from U.S 6 in Spanish Fork to Layton Parkway. This system helps UDOT better manage traffic on I-15 by giving solo drivers the opportunity to use the Express Lanes while ensuring that carpooling remains a benefit. As always carpoolers, buses, C Decal vehicles and motorcycles are the first priority in the Express Lanes and may continue to use them without charge.

The electronic system charges solo drivers by using an algorithm that adjusts the price based on traffic conditions. Costs are higher when I-15 is more congested. The lanes are divided into payment zones with overhead signs that show the price to use each zone. Readers at several locations along the Express Lanes detect in-vehicle Express Passes as they travel through the zones and drivers' accounts are charged when the exit. UDOT uses the payments to operate and maintain the system.


Clock face
Improves Traffic Flow
Reduces Congestion
Increases Efficiency
Speed Limit Sign
Makes Commute Predictable
Adjust Pricing
Adjusts Pricing Based on Traffic
Encourages Carpooling
Warning: Utah Highway Patrol is on the hunt for Express L:anes Violators. $337 Fine and it goes on your driving record.

What Does it Cost?

Solo drivers who want to use the Express Lanes will pay only for the access they actually use. Drivers must deposit a minimum of $25 per transponder into an Express Pass account and the credit card on file will be automatically charged $25 whenever the account balance falls below $10. Passes cost $9.65.

Express Pass account holders are responsible to cover a monthly administrative cost of $2.50. Account holders will be affected in different ways depending on how frequently they use their Express Pass each month.

The Express Lanes are divided into payment zones. Pricing for each zone ranges from 25 cents to $2 based on congestion levels with costs highest during peak traffic times. This dynamic pricing approach will allow UDOT to better manage traffic in the Express Lanes to ensure that carpoolers continue to see the benefit of speeds around 55 mph.

Electronic signs will show drivers the price to travel in each zone. Readers along the Express Lanes will detect Express Pass transponders as they travel through the zones. After you exit the Express Lanes, your account will be charged the price in effect when you first entered each zone.*

As always, carpoolers, buses, C Decal vehicles and motorcycles are the first priority in the Express Lanes and may continue to use them without charge.

*If you have questions about charges on your account call 855-813-9127 or email

What the Signs Mean

  • 25 cents
    If 0.25 shows on the first sign you see after you enter the Express Lane the cost to drive in any length of the zone is 25 cents even if the price changes while you are still in the zone. The costs to drive in each zone ranges from 25 cents to $2 depending on congestion levels. Refer to the Express Lanes map to determine the number of zones you traveled through to estimate your trip cost.

  • Free
    All drivers, carpoolers or non-carpoolers, may use the Express Lanes for free with or without an Express Pass. You may see this when there is a planned construction closure in another I-15 lane or when an accident is blocking the other lanes.

  • HOV
    Only carpoolers, buses, motorcycles, C Decal vehicles and emergency vehicles may use the Express Lanes. Solo drivers with an Express Pass are not allowed in the Express Lanes. You may see this if there is ever too much congestion in the Express Lanes.

  • Closed
    All drives must exit the Express Lanes at the next access point. You may see this if there is a planned construction closure of the Express Lanes or an accident blocking the Express Lanes.

Where to Mount the Express Pass

Make sure the inside of your windshield is clean and dry. Secure the Express Pass anywhere in the green shaded area shown above with the slider pointing down.

To ensure that you aren't pulled over, mount your Express Pass so that it is visible from behind.

*Mount your pass below ther AS-1 line, if your vehicle has one.

**If your windshield has metalic tinting, it will affect the operation of the pass. Check your vehicle's owner's manual to determine the best location to mount your pass.

Mounting Instructions

How to Use the Express Pass

If an Express Pass is mounted in your vehicle and you are carpooling, pull the tranponder's slider position so you are not charged. If you only use the Express Lanes to carpool, you do not need an Express Pass.

How to use the express pass slider

Move the Express Pass slider to red if you are carpooling so you are not charged.

How to use the express pass slider

The Utah Highway Patrol will be able to see the red stripe on the back of the slider for enforcement purposes.