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Direction to Consultants and Contractors in Response to COVID-19

This is an update on the Utah Department of Transportation’s (UDOT’s) approach to addressing the challenges with delivering UDOT projects amidst the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

First and foremost is the safety and well being of UDOT employees, consultants, contractors and partners.  If anyone finds themself in a situation wherein they feel unsafe or unhealthy, we encourage them to take steps to remedy their circumstances.  

That said, it is also critical to continue forward with our responsibility and obligations to the citizens of our great state. UDOT is determined to move forward with a continuity of operations in all aspects of our business, including design and construction. As Contractors and Consultants to the Department, you play a critical role in helping us deliver our program of projects.

It is imperative that everyone working on UDOT projects take practical measures to minimize exposure and prevent transmittal of the virus. We are asking for Consultants and Contractors to work together with Department representatives on a project-by-project basis to create a specific mitigation plan for each project that will keep the project moving forward while minimizing health risks.

Please consider the following for projects:

  • Use video conferencing, phone conferencing, or email/chat instead of physical meetings.  Although not as good as in-person dialogue, this is a practical alternative to exposure in a closed environment.
  • When needing to communicate in person, try to find an environment where people can observe a 6-foot separation — known today as social distancing.
  • For any public meetings please follow UDOT’s Public Meeting Guidance and COVID-19 Health Plan (217KB PDF File).
  • Take precautions when transferring tangible goods like materials, forms, equipment, etc.
  • Do not allow anyone exhibiting symptoms to come to work.  If an employee is sick, send them home.
  • When an employee has possibly come into contact with someone who has exhibited symptoms, find ways to engage them in productive work that is secluded from others.
  • Provide hand-washing stations and/or easy access to hand sanitizer.  Help others recognize when they should be washing hands.
  • Provide sanitizing products (wipes and sprays) and use them in any location where multiple people may need to use the same equipment/furniture. Utilize frequently, between meetings and multiple times per day.
  • Follow other CDC, state, and local health guidelines.

The Department recognizes that there may be an impact to project schedules by taking these necessary precautions. If this does occur, we encourage you to please work with your project’s Project Manager or Resident Engineer to address. We have given direction to UDOT project staff on how to apply consistent and fair resolutions across the industry.

We pride ourselves as an industry in our ability to partner together to overcome tough challenges. This is a great opportunity to work together to get through this unique and difficult challenge. As we work through this together, we can Keep Utah Moving, despite the challenges of COVID-19.

If questions or concerns arise as you work for UDOT on our projects, feel free to contact a local project UDOT representative and they will quickly work with you to address them.

Thank you for helping us keep Utah Moving. Please  stay safe and healthy. If there are any changes or updates we will be certain to keep you informed.

Our Transportation Technician Qualification Program has had to make some adjustments due to COVID-19. Check out their page for details.

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