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New Standards Process

The new UDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction and the UDOT Standard Drawings for Road and Bridge Construction will now be published yearly. Supplemental specifications and drawings will be eliminated.

What are some benefits of the new process?

Standards will be reviewed and updated yearly for consistency. Fragmented supplementals will be eliminated so contractors and construction crews will have a cleaner resource to use in the field. Eliminating supplementals and incorporating all changes into a single document is expected to lessen the likelihood that specification changes are overlooked.

Specs and drawings that changed from the previous edition will be listed, and a link to the Committee Meeting will be included, making it easier to identify changes. The majority of projects in construction, in a given year, will be using the same standard specifications and standard drawing edition.

Eliminating Supplementals and having one edition published every year, is expected to make managing construction projects easier than the current process of managing projects with varying supplementals included as a result of their advertising date.

When will the new process take effect?

An August 2020 edition of the UDOT Standard Specifications and Drawings will be available for projects in design in July 2020 and required for all projects advertised after August 6, 2020. The August 2020 edition does not make substantial changes to the old specifications, rather it consolidates all supplemental specifications and drawings from the 2017 edition into one spec and one drawing book. This change will not affect advertising projects any differently than past standards publications after a Committee meeting. It is not anticipated that changes will impact projects advertising in August since minor changes to the specs were made. Those changes are identified in the June Standards Committee meeting minutes.

How will the new standards process cycle work after the 2020 Edition?

The standards committee approved the August 2020 edition on June 25, 2020. Future editions are expected to be named by construction year. Standards Committee Meetings for the 2022 edition will be held from September 2020 through February 2021. The first new edition of the
standards book in the new cycle will be available for design in April 2021, and will be used for all projects with the majority of construction scheduled in 2022. This new process will be repeated each year.

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