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Keep It Clean, Utah

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The Utah Department of Transportation launched the “Keep it Clean, Utah” campaign to curb the dangerous tide of litter on Utah’s roads by urging Utahns to secure their loads.

Unsecured loads and debris cause 1,800 crashes per year. Four people died in June from debris-related crashes, with 10 deaths in 2020. UDOT crews have seen an increase of litter on Utah’s roads, as time spent cleaning up litter has increased 28% in the last five years. Costs are rising as well — UDOT now spends $2.5 million per year cleaning up ladders, mattresses, appliances, and other garbage from highways and interstates.



No Excuse:



  • Use ropes, straps or chains. Avoid using bungee cords, twine and string
  • Ropes should be used with a type of anchor – suggested knots are bowline, trucker’s hitch and double fisherman’s bend
  • Close boxes, bags and containers before securing
  • Cover anything loose, especially leaves and yard waste, with a tarp
  • Use zip ties to secure tarps to vehicles and trailers
  • Keep items below the top edge of the truck bed or trailer
  • Use cargo netting only for smaller items
  • Before departing, conduct a final inspection of all straps, ropes and ties to ensure everything is secure
  • After traveling a short distance, stop and check to make sure nothing has loosened

UDOT crews actively clean up litter year-round. Here is a link to a heat map showing where our crews actively pick up litter.

The public can also help UDOT in keeping Utah’s roads clean.

The Adopt A Highway program is a two-year voluntary commitment to clean up litter on two miles of highway or state road, with a minimum or three cleanups per year. In recognition of the group’s efforts, UDOT erects a sign on the section of adopted highway with the group’s name.

The Sponsor A Highway Program is a no cost to the state contract that allows private companies to sponsor a Contractor to maintain segments of eligible roadway. The Contractor will install a standard sign along each sponsored roadway segment with the corresponding sponsor’s logo attached to the sign.

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