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Performance & Process Improvement Division

We help people make better decisions through improved processes, meaningful metrics and clarified risks. The Division is comprised of three groups: Process Improvement, Performance Management and Enterprise Risk. The Process Improvement group provides improvement training and guidance, improvement products and tools, and documentation support among others. Performance Management group aids in the development and elevation of performance measures to effectively support the Department’s goals. Finally, Enterprise Risk introduces risk identification and quantification into the concept process and facilitates informed decision making.

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Contact Info – 

Patrick Cowley Director, Performance & Process Improvement
pcowley@utah.gov; 801-648-5459

Alana Spendlove Manager, Process Improvement
aspendlove@utah.gov; 801-910-2095

Reuel (Rudy) Alder Manager, Enterprise Risk
ralder@utah.gov; 801-965-4796

Vacant Manager, Performance Management