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Transportation Technician Qualification Program (TTQP)

TTQP Program Adjustment due to COVID-19

Considering the current COVID-19 situation, we made some changes to our TTQP program. We may adjust further should the circumstance change.

For now, we plan to resume exam-only certification opportunities beginning on April 20.
Previously registered candidates will be individually contacted and given the opportunity to reschedule before new registrations are accepted. A new certification schedule will be published and registration will open in phases, beginning on April 27 for future opportunities to certify.

As we resume certification, our program will be modified to the health and safety of all involved:
  • Certification opportunities will be limited to groups of 10, including the examiners.
  • Health screenings and measures will be taken to protect health, as outlined in the attached TTQP Health and Safety Requirements, and the environment and access to the Central Materials Testing Facility will be controlled.
    • Certification candidates must be healthy and will be screened.
    • No financial penalties will be assessed to those who need to reschedule again due to illness.
    • Candidates are to bring their own PPE including masks; (cloth masks are acceptable).
  • Certification through successful completion of written and performance exams will be accomplished in half- day sessions to allow smaller groups, reduced exposure, and more certification sessions.

A new certification schedule will be published and registration will open in phases, beginning on April 27 for future opportunities:
Technicians who were registered for suspended courses will have the opportunity, in advance of open registration, to move their registration to a new opportunity and will be contacted individually using their email addresses and phone numbers they have registered with.

  • Strict adherence to prerequisite training and evaluations are necessary to ensure our best success under these constraints.
  • No on-site reviews will be held; applicants must be thoroughly prepared before arrival.
    • Some online material is available in the UDOT Learning Portal and may be revisited as an aid to study and on-the-job training.
    • On-the-job practice and training prior to certification is critical.
  • Exam retakes will be scheduled for future times and dates to allow the timeliest certification of as many candidates as possible.
  • Reimbursements will be issued to those who no longer wish to certify at this time, and partial reimbursements will be issued to those that paid for the review session that will not be provided.

We have been granted permission to extend the expiration dates of existing certificates that had or have expiration dates in calendar year 2020.

  • Certificates with expiration dates in calendar year 2020 will be extended through December 31, 2020.
  • Certificates revoked for non-compliance with Independent Assurance requirements in 2019 will not be extended, and Independent Assurance requirements for 2020 must still be met by all certified technicians.
  • Certificates will not be extended for those who attempted to recertify through UDOT TTQP courses in 2020, but were not able to show the required competence.
  • Certificates will not be extended for any certificates that were revoked or suspended for abuse or neglect.
  • Extensions and refunds for cancelled courses are being processed.


TTQP Program Objectives

The purpose of the Transportation Technician Qualification Program (TTQP) is to ensure quality sampling, testing and inspection during highway construction through the qualification of industry and department personnel.

Such a program is required of state highway agencies by Federal Law, and UDOT requires that all sampling and testing be performed by qualified technicians.

Through a cooperative program of training, study and examination, technicians will be able to better ensure satisfactory materials control, contract compliance, and contribute to a cost-effective and high-quality transportation system for decades to come.

Rights, Policies, and Information Handbook

Technician Qualification and Registration

UDOT’s Transportation Technician Qualification Program, TTQP, is a program for qualifying materials testing technicians to perform sampling and testing for UDOT projects. It includes training and competency evaluations for certification, as well as ongoing evaluations through the Independent Assurance Program.

After on-the-job training and independent study, candidates demonstrate their skills to a senior qualified technician and then come to a TTQP certification course. Here, technicians demonstrate their ability through written and performance evaluations for our TTQP Examiners.

UDOT is a full participant in the Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction, WAQTC, Many of UDOT’s certifications include WAQTC certificates that have reciprocity in other states.

Frequently Asked Question about TTQP
Certifications and Prerequisites


UDOT offers one-time TTQP reciprocity for some American Concrete Institute (ACI) certifications and certain WAQTC certifications issued in other states.
Typical requirements include:

  • Current certification from the one of these organizations
  • Signed UDOT rights and responsibilities agreement
  • Participation in UDOT's Independent Assurance Program
  • Written and performance examinations for associated UDOT-specific procedures
  • Nominal Fee

Please see the WAQTC and ACI Reciprocity link below

WAQTC and ACI Reciprocity


To register for courses, prerequisites will need to be completed and recorded. These include:

  • On-the-job training and independent study.
  • Supplementary videos and online training.
  • A competency evaluation for new certifications, (as opposed to renewals).
  • For nuclear density certifications, current HazMat and Radiation Safety training.

Certifications and Prerequisites

Examination Registration

Registration and payment for Materials Testing Certification Courses and Exams will happen through the UDOT Learning Portal, the business system for UDOT University. See the links below.
  • UDOT Employees will register through their account UDOT Learning Portal Employee Access.
  • •UDOT’s partners, (contractors, suppliers, consultants) will register through the UDOT Learning Portal Public Access
    • ◦If you obtained any UDOT certification or attended the Annual Conference in the last three years, we have already created a Learning Portal account for you. Contact the Employee Development Group at udotu@utah.gov for your username and password.
    • ◦New partners will need to create a Learning Portal account. Click the link above and select the option to SIGN UP.
  • Registration support will be available through the UDOT Employee Development Group at udotu@utah.gov.
  • “Written” examinations will be administered through a secure platform on tablets in the TTQP examination room for more accurate and faster scoring.

Independent Assurance

What is Independent Assurance?

UDOT’s Independent Assurance Program is the selected system-level option of assurance required by Federal Regulation. It provides ongoing evaluation of all TTQP-qualified testing technicians qualified to perform testing on UDOT projects. Current Independent Assurance evaluations are required for each qualified technician in each of these areas:
  • Density
  • Fresh Concrete
  • Aggregate
  • Asphalt
  • Embankment and Base
Independent Assurance includes two evaluations per calendar year in each of the assigned test methods. Split-sample testing is the most commonly utilized method, but there are options and guidelines for performing Independent Assurance Testing through each of the following:
  • Split Samples
  • Proficiency Samples
  • Limited Observation
  • Split Samples
  • Proficiency Samples
  • Limited Observation

How Often Must I Be Evaluated?

UDOT qualified testing technicians through the Transportation Technician Qualification Program, TTQP. Each UDOT TTQP-qualified technician must be evaluated twice per year. At least one of these evaluations will be through a split sample. Each technician has the responsibility to arrange for and ensure each of these evaluations is complete for their own certifications. Technicians who fail to complete valid Independent Assurance evaluations will have their UDOT TTQP qualifications revoked.

How Do I Test?

  • UDOT Employees: Contact your Region Independent Assurance Inspector, IAI, at the Region Materials Laboratory for direction.
  • Non-UDOT Employees: Contact your AASHTO Accredited Lab Manager for direction.
Testing includes sampling and performance of the material on a split sample usually obtained on a project site. Results are submitted to the UDOT IAI or AASHTO Lab Manager for evaluation and submission to the UDOT Quality Systems Engineer through a business system. Arrangements for an on-project test are usually the responsibility of the qualified technician.

Further Information

Contact your UDOT Region Independent Assurance Inspector at the Region Laboratory or the UDOT Quality System Engineer, Amy Rico, at arico@utah.gov, or 801-633-0623

Contact Us

Contact UDOT Learning Division for registration help at udotu@utah.gov
Contact UDOT’s TTQP division at udotttqp@utah.gov.