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Onboarding a New Hire

As a manager you are the most important part of a new employee’s experience. Their relationship with you is one of the determining factors in job satisfaction, and begins building with your initial interaction. To facilitate the new employee/employer relationship, and the employee’s integration into UDOT, a New Hire Welcome and Safety Training has been developed. 

Before the New Hire’s First Day

Your new hire’s first few days will be spent at the Calvin Rampton Complex in Taylorsville. The first day consists of an introduction to UDOT’s policies, procedures, benefits, and a welcome from the executive director. The second and third days will be focused on safety training and developing an understanding of UDOT’s safety culture.

Managers need to complete the following steps before a new employee is able to attend training. 

Step 1. Extend a personal welcome to your new hire. Offer acceptances must be completed before 5 p.m. on the Wednesday before Welcome and Safety Training. Welcome and Safety Training is held every other week at the beginning of a pay period.

Step 2. Make sure your new employee completes Tour 1 and Tour 2 onboarding. The Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) will send this information directly to the employee’s email address used to apply for the position.

Step 3. Request a Fuel Pin and Operator ID.

As of July 1, 2020, UDOT has changed to WEX Fleet Fuel cards. You will need the new hire’s EIN to request a Fuel Pin and Operator ID. If you don’t have their Employee ID Number, please reach out to your HR analyst who can provide this information.

Fuel Card Requests: Contact Sara Bodily at 801-965-4121 or email at sarabodily@utah.gov.

Fuel Pin Requests: Contact Nicole Godfrey at 801-965-4636 or email at ngodfrey@utah.gov.

Step 4. (Only for employees traveling more than 50 miles) Assist the employee with necessary travel arrangements. Employees traveling more than 50 miles either from home or work to attend training will need to plan to stay in the Salt Lake area for two nights. If the new hire will require accommodations please contact Roxane Van Allen in the Comptroller’s office at rvanallen@utah.gov prior to their departure for New Employee Orientation.

Step 5. Remind your employee that they will need to bring the appropriate documentation to complete an I9, Employment and Eligibility Verification form. A list of identifying documents that may be use is available on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Employees who do not bring this information will be sent home.