Several projects are occurring in the Cottonwood Canyons study area that were planned and funded by UDOT and partnering agencies prior to this study. These projects will improve transportation and recreation in the Cottonwood Canyons and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Central Wasatch Commission

The Central Wasatch Commission is an interlocal governmental entity with jurisdictions in the Town of Alta, Cottonwood Heights, Millcreek City, Park City, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Sandy City, Summit County, and the Utah Department of Transportation. Its mission is to implement Mountain Accord. Building on the work of Mountain Accord, the Commission seeks to  engage the public, build consensus, and coordinate the actions in the Central Wasatch Mountains.

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S.R. 210; S.R. 209 to Top of Canyon

UDOT will be repaving the S.R. 210 and bypass roads, beginning at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon and ending at the top where the paved road ends.

  • This project will extend the life of the pavement or bridge deck.
  • By completing this project UDOT is able to preserve Utah’s infrastructure by applying cost effective treatments before major rehabilitation is required.
  • Construction start date is tentatively set for the beginning of June for relocating underground utilities, where necessary, in preparation for the mill and paving.
  • The milling and paving is expected to begin in late June and is expected to finish by end of August.
  • Crews will be primarily working M-Thurs, with weekend work possible on the Alta Bypass Road.

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S.R. 210 @ Wasatch Dr.

UDOT will be making additional improvements to the High-T intersection located at S.R. 210 and Wasatch Blvd.

Construction is scheduled to begin in June and continue through mid-July.

This project will:

  • Extend the northbound acceleration lane from Wasatch Blvd. to S.R. 210
  • Provide improvements to the southbound left turn area onto Golden Hills Ave.
  • Provide more separation between northbound and southbound traffic on S.R. 210 at Golden Hills Ave.
  • Extend the pipe culvert at Deaf Smith Fork (creek near Golden Hills Ave.) to provide wider shoulders.

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S.R. 210 Widening and Grit Mill Parking Lot

UDOT will be making improvements to S.R. 210 and the Grit Mill Parking Lot.

  • A parking lot will be installed at the Grit Mill, along with roadway improvements at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, near Wasatch Resort Road.
  • This project is currently in design and expected to be advertised in the spring of 2018.
  • Construction on this project is expected to begin in the summer of 2018.
  • This is subject to change based on available funding.

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S.R 209; 90th S- State St. to 700 E

UDOT will be making improvements to S.R. 209 on 9000 S from State Street to 700 E by widening the road from 5 to 7 lanes to provide better east-west connectivity, improve traffic flow, and enhance safety.

Other corridor improvements include:

  • Upgraded utilities along the corridor (light, gas, power, storm drain)
  • Intersection improvements at the 300 East signal, including adjusted signaling timing to be extended during school crossing hours, flashing LED lights to provide advanced warning to drivers, and adding a protected left-turn movement (green arrow) during school crossing times
  • Reconstruction of the 10-foot sidewalk/trail on the north side of 9000 South
  • Installation of new curb and gutter, signing and striping, and landscaping
  • Construction is planned to begin in early July 2018 with anticipated completion by summer 2019.

6200 South and Holladay Boulevard

Proposed solutions for Highland Drive include left turn lanes. Holladay City is partnering with UDOT to build improvements at the following six intersections:

  • Highland Drive
  • Spring Lane
  • Walker Lane
  • Lakewood Drive
  • Fardown Avenue
  • 6200 South potential improvements include dual left turn lanes and a roundabout.
  • Holladay Blvd.
  • 2300 East

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Underground utilities are being installed from the Town of Alta to the residential area along Albion Basin Road.

Utility installation will include open trenching in S.R. 210 between the Town of Alta and Albion Basin Road.

Utility installation in S.R. 210 will be completed prior to paving of S.R. 210 in that area.

Salt Lake Department of Public Utilities Watershed Management Plan Update

Contact Patrick Nelson (SLCDPU) for details: (801) 483-6889; patrick.nelson@slcgov.com.

Wasatch Canyons General Plan Update (non construction)

Contact Jake Young for more details. JAYoung@slco.org

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Wasatch Boulevard Master Plan (non construction)

Albion Basin Road Traffic Modifications (non-construction)

Alta Ski Area will start limiting traffic on Albion Basin Road this summer, based on available parking in Albion Basin, to improve safety in Albion Basin.

Although Albion Basin Road is not within the study area for the EIS, additional vehicle parking may be observed on/around S.R. 210 and the Alta Ski Area base during times when there is no available parking capacity in Albion Basin.