Aggressive Driving Emphasis Area


Aggressive driving includes deliberate behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, weaving in and out of lanes, failure to yield, running red lights/stop signs and road rage continue to plague our roads. As congestion and travel delays increase, so does aggressive driving.


Continue or increase efforts to fund aggressive driving enforcement and educational campaigns.


  • Educating novice and experienced drivers about the dangers of aggressive driving.
  • Support aggressive driving programs at high schools, businesses and community outreach events.
  • Continue to support aggressive driving mitigation programs.
  • Continue to conduct aggressive driving enforcement campaigns.
  • Use variable message signs to show anti-aggressive driving messages.
  • Improve signal coordination to produce efficient and increased traffic flow on roadway corridors.
Emergency Medical Services

Increase involvement of emergency medical service providers in aggressive driving programs and community events.

  • Utah Department of Public Safety:
    • Utah Highway Patrol,
    • Highway Safety Office,
  • Utah Department of Transportation,
  • Statewide Local Law Enforcement Agencies,
  • Zero Fatalities.