Work Zone Safety Continuing Safety Areas


Utah work zone related crashes and fatalities occur in two areas: encroachments into the work zone and crashes outside the work zone but influenced by the area. Most of the injuries and fatalities that occur in work zones are drivers and passengers —not construction workers.


Efforts must be made to reduce the possibility and/or severity of crashes. Practices in traffic control or work zone management that lead to reduced work zone safety must be identified and limited.


  • Identify types of work zones having significant crash trends.
  • Identify characteristics of projects where work zone crashes have occurred. Increase the number of work zone reviews and assessments.
  • Develop traffic control standards for pedestrians and bicyclists within a work zone.

Continue the use of law enforcement within work zones.

  • Continue to emphasize work zone safety training.
  • Educate children and teens about the dangers of playing around work zones.
  • Educate the public about the importance of driving safely through work zones.
  • Utah Department of Transportation
  • Utah Department of Public Safety: Utah Highway Patrol
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • American Traffic Safety Services Association
  • Statewide Local Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Association of General Contractors
  • Utah Chiefs of Police Association