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Master PinPinProject DescriptionProject StatusRegionCountyProject ManagerContractorProject ValueExpenditures
559918609Davis County Traffic SensorsUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGlen O Ames-$100,267.76$60,267.76
1778417915Region Four - Stormwater ManagementUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSDonna Beagley-$15,543.50$0.00
1778418007MS4 Improvements - Cove Fort Station Phase 2Under ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDDonna Beagley-$714,207.60$684,522.13
1778418009MS4 Improvements - Scipio StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDDonna Beagley-$479,000.00$477,308.80
1778417852MS4 Improvements - Price DistrictUnder ConstructionRegion 4CARBONDonna Beagley-$520,000.00$427,562.19
595219091SR-92 & North Canyon Rd (MP 7.584), Cedar HillsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$300,000.00$99,088.36
1483614842450/400 E.; 2600 N. to Elberta, Widening, N. OgdenUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERDavid Adamson-$3,910,000.00$3,181,514.80
8751131244700 West; 4000 South to 4600 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERDavid Adamson-$2,173,741.30$1,976,129.00
875714775Wayne County Fish Lake Cutoff RoadUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSLarry Johnson-$1,612,000.00$944,263.38
595218990SR-51 & Spanish Fork Pkwy (MP 1.01), Spanish ForkUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$332,000.00$50,288.06
1778418930MS4 Improvements - Meadow StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDDonna Beagley-$710,000.00$687,582.11
1778418929MS4 Improvements - Mt. Carmel Junct. StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4KANEDonna Beagley-$647,931.00$633,050.30
1778418937Lehi Shed Thermal Evaporator MS4 ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHLarry Montoya-$1,244,176.00$997,933.78
1483814855Pages Lane; 800 W. to SR-67, Bike Lane, W. Btfl.Under ConstructionRegion 1DAVISBrady P. Roberts-$450,103.34$375,103.34
621219399Boulder Safe Routes to School FY23Under ConstructionRegion 4GARFIELDDonna Beagley-$36,000.00$0.00
595219586SR-92 & Traverse Mountain Blvd (MP 1.198), LehiUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$300,000.00$33,294.71
595218397SR-115 (Main St) & 600 N (MP 0.534), PaysonUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$566,000.00$248,820.77
1778418928MS4 Improvements - Kanab StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4KANEDonna Beagley-$562,000.00$547,332.63
5954155201300 South Fiber Relocation at 400 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEKevon Ogden-$463,957.98$285,286.11
595219889SR-106 & 550 South (MP 2.333), CentervilleUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGlen O Ames-$160,000.00$64,024.30
595219093SR-71 (12300 S) & 300 East (MP 5.476), DraperUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEKevon Ogden-$100,000.00$22,946.61
559714255State St. Orem Drainage WorkUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHCraig Hancock-$117,175.27$117,175.27
595218396SR-178 (800 S) & 930 W (MP 0.549), PaysonUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$433,626.00$233,767.50
1661815524US-6; Horse Canyon Rest Area ExpansionUnder ConstructionRegion 4EMERYLarry Johnson-$500,000.00$64,036.97
559719547US-40 & 1000 S Signal in NaplesUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$415,000.00$341,936.06
83117703MVC; Salt Lake County PMUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEMarwan Farah-$444,675,821.73$431,459,679.56
83117704MVC; UTILITIES TRANSMISSION LOCATIONUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEMarwan Farah-$82,404,690.00$80,584,561.74
558919729SR-186; Corridor ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBradley G. Palmer-$30,000.00$22,157.47
595219039US-191 & Spanish Trail Rd (MP 121.481), MoabUnder ConstructionRegion 4GRANDDonna Beagley-$396,000.00$353,981.94
1688518231I-84; East Snowville to Hansel ValleyUnder ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERRobert D. AstleSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$6,899,000.00$35,023.70
1661519135SR-13; Turn Lanes at 1400 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERTiffany PocockSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$1,553,000.00$239,904.70
1778419595Morgan Shed Stormwater UpgradesUnder ConstructionRegion 1MORGANGlen O Ames-$732,959.00$732,734.09
595219699SR-68 & 1500 S, BountifulUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISNathan A Jones-$335,000.00$65,037.05
723119154Bridge Fence and Parapet Repairs (3C 864)Under ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGregory S. MerrillGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$195,000.00$37,112.62
875314034500 West; 3300 South to 3900 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$10,413,080.28$1,257,081.98
1688718255I-15 Bridge Column Repairs, Region 4Under ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSRustin Anderson UdotGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$1,600,000.00$47,743.26
1688719177Bridge Deck Preservation near VernalUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHLarry MontoyaGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$800,000.00$21,122.23
1688517426SR-38; SR-13 to SR-30Under ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERRobert D. AstleSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$4,000,000.00$31,204.62
595219645SR-48 (7200 S) & 300 W, MidvaleUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall Udot-$356,000.00$107,522.77
875716483SR-24; Fremont River Bridge Replacement (0C-279)Under ConstructionRegion 4WAYNEBrett E. AndersonWADSWORTH BROS CONST. CO. INC.$7,360,000.00$1,174,799.21
1661516649Barrier Upgrades Various LocationsUnder ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERPaul EgbertDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$1,500,000.00$467,484.05
1688517425US-89; Rich County Line to IdahoUnder ConstructionRegion 1RICHRobert D. AstleKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$4,155,000.00$50,163.17
595219373SR-165 & 1700 South (MP 9.704), ProvidenceUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEGlen O Ames-$122,000.00$108,923.44
1688518227I-15; 2600 South to Pages Ln (SB)Under ConstructionRegion 1DAVISRobert D. AstleGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$3,500,000.00$29,860.82
1661718687US-191; Moonshine Arch Trailhead Access RoadUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHLarry MontoyaSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA BURDICK MATERIA$1,516,084.45$1,287,066.39
1688517296SR-186; 2100 E. to Stringham AveUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$2,800,000.00$149,183.05
1661819449US-50; Bridge (0C-733) RepairUnder ConstructionRegion 4SEVIERLarry JohnsonPROTECH INFRASTRUCTURE$720,000.00$132,904.25
595219709SR-193 & Church St / SR-193 & Fairfield Rd, LaytonUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISPaul Egbert-$230,000.00$175,919.61
1688719168Highland Dr Pin and Hanger Replacements (4C 736)Under ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall UdotGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$1,600,000.00$171,638.93
1706518994Payson 800 South Extension StudyUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$125,000.00$116,499.54
595218935SR-198 & Elk Ridge Drive, SalemUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$375,000.00$130,143.85
559916520SR-91; One Way Couplet Corridor StudyUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEGlen O Ames-$61,363.78$61,363.78
595219701SR-154 & 2400 S, West Valley CityUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall Udot-$300,000.00$106,323.41
595215826SR-114 & 2000 North (MP 3.82), ProvoUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHTyrel L. EdwardsVANCON$2,257,724.63$726,867.91
1688518350US-191; La Sal Junction to MoabUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSDevin SquireGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$3,345,000.00$106,365.86
1688618443SR-83; ATK to I-84Under ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERRobert D. AstleADVANCED PAVING AND CONST$4,799,999.50$138,997.44
601917331I-80; MP 140.83-141.74, Median Concrete BarrierUnder ConstructionRegion 2SUMMITJohn H. ThomasSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$2,017,846.00$430,790.64
601917332I-80; MP 167.69 - 178.75, Roadside ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 2SUMMITJohn H. ThomasROWSER CONSTRUCTION LLC$4,647,818.00$303,288.69
621215244Springville Safe Routes to SchoolUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$105,440.47$105,440.47
1688519173US-6; Emma Park Rd to MP 232.2Under ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSBrent HadfieldGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$8,875,000.00$317,300.25
1688617273SR-96; MP 18 to Jct. US-6Under ConstructionRegion 4UTAHBrent HadfieldGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$2,355,000.00$123,638.73
1778419049MS4 Improvements - Purgatory Maintnance StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONDonna Beagley-$853,971.00$139,469.54
595219655SR-171 (3300 S) & 700 W, South Salt LakeUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall Udot-$295,000.00$55,971.42
1661519141I-15/I-84 Fence Replacement in Box ElderUnder ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERRobert D. AstlePRIDE CONSTRUCTORS HEAVY DUTY LLC$1,200,000.00$248,111.59
595217587US-89 (300 West); 400 North and Reed AveUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn Montoya-$275,000.00$94,358.88
1619418375SR-289; SUU LoopUnder ConstructionRegion 4IRONDevin SquireHOLBROOK ASPHALT CO$749,000.00$75,617.71
875718256I-70/I-15 Interchange Deck ReplacementsUnder ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDRyan L AndersonW. W. CLYDE & CO$6,700,000.00$2,272,247.41
601917336SR-59; Shoulder Widening Near HurricaneUnder ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONBrett E. AndersonHARWARD AND REES$2,910,000.00$351,321.65
595219613SR-204 between 27th & 28th St (MP 1.6), OgdenUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERGlen O Ames-$186,000.00$150,170.50
1688619166SR-276; Glen Cnyn to MP 77.75 & SR-95; MP 80-87.95Under ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANRustin Anderson UdotSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA NIELSON CONSTRUC$14,000,000.00$4,509,376.30
595218895SR-186 (Foothill Dr) & 2100 S (MP 7.98), SLCUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn H. Thomas-$375,000.00$194,194.81
1787418062SR-92 (Timpanogos Hwy) Fiber Comm InstallationUnder ConstructionTMDUTAHEric A Mason-$263,000.00$258,540.05
875714165Hole in the Rock Road, Garfield Co., Phase 1Under ConstructionRegion 4-Devin Squire-$2,832,181.02$492,353.85
723119125Structures GRS Abutment Wall Repair (F 851)Under ConstructionRegion 2SUMMITJohn MontoyaRALPH L WADSWORTH CONSTRUCTION CO LLC$275,000.00$229,745.11
1688618393SR-12; Escalante Main to MP 70Under ConstructionRegion 4GARFIELDBrett E. AndersonW. W. CLYDE & CO$6,109,000.00$5,208,403.32
1688518376I-15; Paragonah to SR-20Under ConstructionRegion 4IRONBrett E. AndersonSUNROC CORPORATION$9,375,222.00$96,628.76
1688517430I-84; Rattlesnake to HowellUnder ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERCorey D. NelsonDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$10,300,000.00$738,757.05
1688517511US-40; Naples N City Limits to 9000 EUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHChris Memmott UdotR CHAPMAN CONSTRUCTION INC$6,300,000.00$1,455,822.05
601918298I-15 Cable Barrier Juab//Millard Co Line to NephiUnder ConstructionRegion 3VARIOUSBrent Schvaneveldt UdotGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$8,400,000.00$3,386,745.90
595218697SR-92 (Timpanogos Hwy) & 500 W (MP 2.033), LehiUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$300,000.00$256,298.63
601916355SR-126; MP 20.56 to MP 21.13.Under ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSPaul EgbertGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$1,900,000.00$274,211.25
1688517424US-91; North Smithfield to IdahoUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEBrett SlaterSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$3,500,000.00$288,432.84
1688518349US-191; SR-279 to Seven Mile WashUnder ConstructionRegion 4GRANDDevin SquireKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$8,925,000.00$2,140,594.17
1688517503SR-132; 300 W to MP 34.73Under ConstructionRegion 3JUABChris Memmott UdotSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$2,756,404.94$1,004,368.33
559719765SR-92 & Lehi Center St. Ped CrossingUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$50,000.00$49,353.54
875311082Redwood Road 4100 South to 5400 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaHIDDEN PEAK ELECTRIC CO., INC.$16,025,588.00$3,239,254.82
1619416210US-89; I-215 to 3000 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$8,208,000.00$1,811,429.61
1688517255SR-24; Turn Around to End of Turn Lanes SR-62Under ConstructionRegion 4SEVIERDonna BeagleySTAKER & PARSON COS DBA HALES SAND & G$4,420,000.00$111,923.84
1688516209SR-154; 3500 South to Airport and Airport RampsUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKERebecka StromnessDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$1,860,500.00$728,957.13
1688517500SR-78; I-15 Mills Jct to SR-28 LevanUnder ConstructionRegion 3JUABChris Memmott UdotSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA HALES SAND & G$1,800,000.00$1,057,342.04
1778419015Logan Shed Stormwater ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEGlen O Ames-$13,820.00$13,780.60
875318877Grantsville Sidewalk ProjectUnder ConstructionRegion 2TOOELEJohn H. ThomasACME CONSTRUCTION INC$594,100.00$374,443.86
83118312MVC; AQ MONITOR AND FILTERSUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEMarwan Farah-$4,100,000.00$3,050,952.07
1778419194Richmond Mainenance Shed Storm Water ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEGlen O Ames-$665,178.00$665,176.51
595219038US-191 (Main St) & Center St (MP 51.227), BlandingUnder ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANLarry Johnson-$298,000.00$291,048.98
595219037US-191 (Main St) & 300 S (MP 50.935), BlandingUnder ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANLarry Johnson-$100,000.00$80,927.07
1688517340US-89; State St to 300 W & 400 S. to N. TempleUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEOanh Amber Le-SpradlinGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$3,416,500.00$1,980,596.10
1688517302SR-292; Salt Lake Community CollegeUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEDillon J RichensGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$1,158,000.00$68,211.80
1688512517I-80; MP 60 to 70 and 80 to 88.58Under ConstructionRegion 2TOOELEDavid M CoxSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$14,100,000.00$491,592.93
1483614843500 West; 2000 S. to D St., Extension, ClearfieldUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGlen O AmesGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$6,748,000.40$4,190,540.11
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