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Master PinPinProject DescriptionProject StatusRegionCountyProject ManagerContractorProject ValueExpenditures
875319736U&SL Canal SUP; Midway Dr to 6200 SUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEDavid M Cox-$3,400,000.00$2,720,000.00
559918609Davis County Traffic SensorsUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGlen O Ames-$100,267.76$60,267.76
1483714847Ogden Bike Share ProgramUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERDavid Adamson-$647,080.61$442,475.29
875514087*Elk Ridge DR; SR 198 to 8000 S, SalemUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$36,609,103.73$5,052.91
5954155201300 South Fiber Relocation at 400 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEKevon Ogden-$523,957.98$515,407.96
621219401Hildale Safe Routes to School FY23Under ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONDonna Beagley-$134,800.00$0.00
1864518894Remote CCTV System Replacement - Region 4Under ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSDonna Beagley-$2,020,000.00$746,084.31
875714165Hole in the Rock Road, Garfield Co., Phase 1Under ConstructionRegion 4-Devin Squire-$2,832,181.02$492,353.85
1778417915Region Four - Stormwater ManagementUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSDonna Beagley-$0.00$0.00
1696219074Salem Canal Trail; Woodland Hills Dr to Elk RidgeUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$10,581,600.00$453,963.31
1778417852MS4 Improvements - Price DistrictUnder ConstructionRegion 4CARBONDonna Beagley-$520,000.00$441,954.49
1661818237I-15; VMS at Southbound MP 40Under ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONDonna Beagley-$500,000.00$186,095.87
1778418928MS4 Improvements - Kanab StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4KANEDonna Beagley-$562,000.00$556,694.26
1778418929MS4 Improvements - Mt. Carmel Junct. StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4KANEDonna Beagley-$647,931.00$633,050.30
559118725US-6; MP-243 Culvert InstallationUnder ConstructionRegion 4CARBONDonna Beagley-$289,614.00$228,939.11
621218588Hildale Safe Routes to School FY22Under ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONDonna Beagley-$200,000.00$0.00
1778418936MS4 - Station 2434 (Parley's Canyon) Phase IIUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAlex M. Fisher-Willis-$1,020,884.00$853,214.86
1706518996Vineyard Active Transportation PlanUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHTyrel L. Edwards-$85,000.00$80,818.36
1661819335I-70; Interstate Lighting UpgradesUnder ConstructionRegion 4SEVIERDonna Beagley-$400,000.00$8,888.03
595219612S.R. 121 & 300 West (MP 0.433), RooseveltUnder ConstructionRegion 3DUCHESNEBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$425,000.00$167,450.28
595220464US-89 (State St) & 3900 S (MP 373.73), MillcreekUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEDavid M Cox-$350,000.00$50,093.67
595218990SR-51 & Spanish Fork Pkwy (MP 1.01), Spanish ForkUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$332,000.00$62,850.81
595219586SR-92 & Traverse Mountain Blvd (MP 1.198), LehiUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$300,000.00$236,794.76
1661720044SR-129 & 1000 N Intersection ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDiego Carroll Udot-$276,000.00$43,228.86
595220293SR-71 (900 E) & 6600 S (MP 13.35), MurrayUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBryan Chamberlain Udot-$306,000.00$45,994.12
875718413SR-9; East Zion Roundabout & ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 4KANEDevin SquireSUNROC CORPORATION$10,250,000.00$1,001,063.67
2043720934SR-30; SR-23 to 1400 West -Phase 1Under ConstructionRegion 1CACHEDavid AdamsonGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$16,000,000.00$6,237.70
1619318278SR-173; 4800 W. to Bangerter HwyUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$2,625,000.00$136,672.43
1619319198I-15; Manderfield to Cove FortUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSBrandon Weight UdotGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$5,400,000.00$89,695.05
14835169482600 East Sidewalk; 7609 South to 7640 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJessica A RiceSTAPP CONSTRUCTION$582,000.00$85,732.63
595220094SR-48 (7000 S) & 1300 W, West JordanUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall Udot-$450,000.00$131,000.78
595220292SR-201 (2100 S) & 300 W (MP 17.66), SSLUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBryan Chamberlain Udot-$450,827.15$63,928.53
1661620029Region Two CCTV Upgrade ProjectUnder ConstructionRegion 2VARIOUSAaron Wall UdotSKYLINE ELECTRIC COMPANY$1,800,000.00$930,644.07
1661819271R4; Rural Intersection Conflict Warning SystemUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSDonna Beagley-$520,000.00$505,471.91
1661720045US-189; Provo Canyon Walls, Phase IIUnder ConstructionRegion 3VARIOUSCraig HancockRALPH L WADSWORTH CONSTRUCTION CO LLC$4,399,000.00$38,122.64
601918294US-91; MP 19.2-23.7, Sinusoidal CL Rumble StripsUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHESteve Quinn UdotKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$585,000.00$41,939.21
1985619855SR-193 Extension; SR-110 to SR-177Under ConstructionRegion 1DAVISRex HarrisSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$10,000,000.00$46,798.85
1661520011Intersection conflict warning system on SR-30Under ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERCorey D. Nelson-$500,000.00$81,109.52
595220241U.S. 89 & 11000 South (MP 364.395), SandyUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall Udot-$200,000.00$121,532.62
1661721013US-189; Emergency Rockfall Mitigation at MP 7.6Under ConstructionRegion 3UTAHCraig Hancock-$250,000.00$18,708.29
1661520008Replace Obsolete Barrier & Crash Cushions on I-15Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERGary Horton UdotACME CONSTRUCTION INC$2,160,000.00$92,021.85
601918292SR-193; MP 6.0-7.7, Raised MediansUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGlen O AmesACME CONSTRUCTION INC$615,755.00$146,879.34
1661820062SR-24; Culvert Headwall RepairUnder ConstructionRegion 4WAYNERustin Anderson UdotSTAPP CONSTRUCTION$850,000.00$127,157.01
1619319253SR-66; Porterville to MorganUnder ConstructionRegion 1MORGANGary Horton UdotSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$2,366,000.00$101,940.66
601918301I-15; Various Locations, Cable BarrierUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSRobert Dowell UdotROWSER CONSTRUCTION LLC$2,730,000.00$147,103.03
1778418930MS4 Improvements - Meadow StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDDonna Beagley-$798,549.93$794,757.36
1619318347US-89; 900 E to 300 N Kanab & US-89AUnder ConstructionRegion 4KANERobert Dowell UdotVSS INTERNATIONAL, INC.$2,770,000.00$103,167.31
1619318232I-84; I-15 to SR-26Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERRobert D. AstleGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$1,350,000.00$56,101.88
1778419049MS4 Improvements - Purgatory Maintnance StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONDonna Beagley-$853,971.00$842,903.24
595220266S.R. 106 (Main Street) & MP 3.688, CentervilleUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISCorey D. Nelson-$160,000.00$22,423.62
1778419069MS4 Improvements - Junction Maintenance StationUnder ConstructionRegion 4PIUTEDonna Beagley-$617,042.00$562,362.82
1619520080SR-39; Causey to LimestoneUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERRobert D. AstleSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$3,500,000.00$116,813.95
1661520013Chain up area on US-91 in Sardine CanyonUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEBradley Humphreys UdotKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$662,600.00$131,390.25
875117365Adams Ave over I-84 Deck Replacement (0C 644)Under ConstructionRegion 1DAVISPaul EgbertWADSWORTH BROS CONST. CO. INC.$6,599,000.00$614,649.92
875519489US-89 (State St) & SR-194 Signal ModificationUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHCraig Hancock-$200,000.00$151,403.98
1661520015Boat Check and Maintenance Turn Around on SR-30Under ConstructionRegion 1RICHRodney Terry UdotSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$690,000.00$86,855.25
1778418938Thermal Evaporator-Vernal Shed MS4 ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHLarry Montoya-$1,869,464.00$234,817.79
1661820075I-70; Box Beam Replacement Phase 2Under ConstructionRegion 4SEVIERRustin Anderson UdotDENNIS LIERD II CONSTRUCTION, INC$3,250,000.00$147,472.73
1619317431SR-235; 400 North to SR-134Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERBrett SlaterGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$3,110,668.00$201,315.67
1483814855Pages Lane; 800 W. to SR-67, Bike Lane, W. Btfl.Under ConstructionRegion 1DAVISBrady P. Roberts-$450,103.34$375,103.34
1661717091SR-198; Drainage Improvements Payson AreaUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$535,427.53$226,578.17
1661520009Replace non standard sidewalk and ADA ramps R1Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERCorey D. Nelson-$200,000.00$34,046.79
621218564North Ogden Safe Routes to School FY22Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERPaul Egbert-$60,000.00$31,612.30
621218562West Haven Safe Routes to School FY22Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERPaul Egbert-$225,100.00$125,171.37
1619319200US-191; Various Location from Moab to MP 151Under ConstructionRegion 4GRANDDevin SquireGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$1,780,000.00$98,395.05
558919668I-80 MP 143.5-144 FencingUnder ConstructionRegion 2SUMMITKevon Ogden-$92,000.00$74,236.80
1619519167US-163, SR-261, SR-316; Various LoactationsUnder ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANRustin Anderson UdotKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$16,000,000.00$237,156.99
1661819368US-6; Culvert Rehabilitation, Phase 12 Under ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDRustin Anderson UdotWHITAKER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC.$875,000.00$104,076.44
14834159215300 South & College Dr Intersection - MurrayUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKERebecka StromnessACME CONSTRUCTION INC$2,325,400.00$633,453.50
601912614US-91, 3200 S, & 2000 W Intersection RealignmentUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHERodney Terry UdotKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$7,942,953.00$2,788,676.13
1619319203US-6; SR-55 to 100 W WellingtonUnder ConstructionRegion 4CARBONBrent HadfieldGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$1,869,000.00$57,687.32
1619318379I-70; W Cisco to E Cisco & Westwater to State LineUnder ConstructionRegion 4GRANDBret Sorenson UdotINTERMOUNTAIN SLURRY SEAL, INC.$7,060,000.00$79,845.50
1619316631I-15; US-91 to SR-13Under ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERRobert D. AstleSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$4,070,000.00$133,669.94
1619319202US-6; Tie Fork to White RiverUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSRustin Anderson UdotSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA HALES SAND & G$1,177,000.00$82,915.90
1619317256US-89; Mt. Pleasant to SR-31 FairviewUnder ConstructionRegion 4SANPETEBrent HadfieldSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA HALES SAND & G$3,425,000.00$169,923.39
1661716509PG Interchange Area Capacity ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A MasonSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$16,030,469.18$2,929,876.42
559720283Payson C-Store Property TradeUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$10,000.00$4,522.50
875717195I-15; Widen Exit 10 to Exit 13 & Interchange 11Under ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONKim ManwillSUNROC CORPORATION$73,600,000.00$10,945,926.89
1619318271I-80; MP 50 to MP 60Under ConstructionRegion 2TOOELEDillon J RichensSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$9,776,086.85$73,623.64
558920587SR-154 at 7000 S Off-Ramp BarrierUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEKevon Ogden-$75,000.00$57,942.38
13311192761300 W 13140-13200 S; Riverton sTAPUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEKevon Ogden-$531,092.00$150,000.00
1619318392I-70; Floy to US-191 Crescent JunctionUnder ConstructionRegion 4GRANDDevin SquireSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA NIELSON CONSTRUC$9,600,000.00$102,169.73
1619318389I-15; South Holden to North HoldenUnder ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDTyler Turner UdotGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$1,550,000.00$47,100.11
1483614842450/400 E.; 2600 N. to Elberta, Widening, N. OgdenUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERDavid Adamson-$3,910,000.00$3,487,387.70
1619519169SR-264; Electric Lake Boat Ramp to SR-96Under ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSBrent HadfieldGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$6,600,000.00$115,828.82
8751131244700 West; 4000 South to 4600 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERDavid Adamson-$2,173,741.30$1,976,129.00
1661617627SR-68: 6200 South to I-215Under ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEOanh Amber Le-SpradlinGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$16,967,137.67$4,621,972.01
875714775Wayne County Fish Lake Cutoff RoadUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSLarry Johnson-$1,612,000.00$1,537,301.57
601917510SR-126; MP 10.73, Free Right EliminationUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERGlen O AmesKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$1,352,200.00$313,121.71
1619318234SR-23; SR-30 to IdahoUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHERobert D. AstleSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$4,000,000.00$81,707.32
595220119SR-73 & Mustang Way/Valley Dr (MP 31.851), EMUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$395,000.00$156,057.08
1735920237I-15 Bridge Deck Repairs, north of Scipio (F 438)Under ConstructionRegion 3JUABDarren Bunker-$54,655.80$51,575.80
1619318387I-15; SR-20 to South BeaverUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSMay AndersonSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA WESTERN ROCK PRO$13,350,000.00$68,101.39
2039420518Bangerter Highway Aqueduct ProtectionUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEMarwan FarahVANCON$3,000,000.00$1,283,556.65
875512684Vineyard Connector from Main St. to 1600 NUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHTyrel L. EdwardsLANDMARK EXCAVATING INC$15,611,584.07$2,015,432.14
8755165852000 East; 1700 South to 500 South NaplesUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHLarry MontoyaSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA BURDICK MATERIA$2,142,320.00$307,810.20
1778418937Lehi Shed Thermal Evaporator MS4 ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHLarry Montoya-$1,244,176.00$1,185,285.22
595219092SR-71 (12300 S) & 450 East (MP 5.678), DraperUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEKevon Ogden-$325,000.00$322,170.87
595220238SR-92 (Timp Hwy) & 5600 W (MP 5.459), HighlandUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$330,000.00$296,677.23
856216707Old Hwy 91; 200 E. to ShivwitsUnder ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONMay AndersonLANDMARK EXCAVATING INC$9,456,024.00$2,918,165.64
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