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Master PinPinProject DescriptionProject StatusRegionCountyProject ManagerContractorProject ValueExpenditures
595217816US-89 & 27th Street (MP 413.48), OgdenUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERGlen O Ames-$280,000.00$29,135.06
875113307Air Quality Public Education & Outreach (BRHD)Under ConstructionRegion 1CACHEGlen O Ames-$281,558.00$166,296.66
559916520SR-91; One Way Couplet Corridor StudyUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEGlen O Ames-$60,000.00$1,363.78
621217098Logan Safe Routes to School FY20Under ConstructionRegion 1CACHEGlen O Ames-$121,992.00$0.00
621217101Richmond Safe Routes to School FY20Under ConstructionRegion 1CACHEGlen O Ames-$25,000.00$25,000.00
621217097Smithfield Safe Routes to School FY20Under ConstructionRegion 1CACHEGlen O Ames-$38,191.00$38,191.00
14836159041200 West; 400 N - Farr West, Marriott-SlatervilleUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERBrady P. Roberts-$3,197,793.51$2,070,293.00
5954155201300 South Fiber Relocation at 400 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBryan Chamberlain-$338,957.98$95,775.61
1331116714SR-143; Bike Path - 500 S. to MP 49.8Under ConstructionRegion 4GARFIELDDonna Beagley-$270,180.00$6,711.81
1661717379US-191; SR-44 Cattle Guards MP 275.5 and MP 390Under ConstructionRegion 3VARIOUSBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$160,000.00$123,798.98
559714255State St. Orem Drainage WorkUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$40,000.00$15,035.35
595217671SR-113 (100 S) & 300 W (MP 6.87), Heber CityUnder ConstructionRegion 3WASATCHBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$314,000.00$14,733.47
723118068I-80 Over Local Road, Wanship (F-730)Under ConstructionRegion 2SUMMITOanh Amber Le-SpradlinRALPH L WADSWORTH CONSTRUCTION CO LLC$100,000.00$21,466.74
1331115126R1 TAP; 800 W Regional Trail, NibleyUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEDavid F. Alger-$493,160.00$0.00
875113364Develop Trail Logan to NibleyUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEDavid F. Alger-$193,000.00$0.00
1331115130R1 TAP; Orchard Drive Sidewalk-n. segment, N. SLCUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISDavid F. Alger-$257,000.00$0.00
593016227West District Maintenance Spot Improvement FY18Under ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSDonna Beagley-$62,500.00$47,354.89
875513072*Spanish Fork River Trail Phase 2Under ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$2,941,849.70$2,742,686.70
595217462US-6 & 800 North (MP 173.98), Spanish ForkUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$105,000.00$27,412.50
1661717613Provo Canyon Wall RepairUnder ConstructionRegion 3WASATCHBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$40,000.00$29,496.43
595217434SR-198 & 750 North (MP 9.51), SalemUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$250,000.00$15,955.14
1661717936Vernal Drainage Early PackageUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHLarry Montoya-$400,000.00$40,022.97
1661715568SR-198; Santaquin Main St. CattleguardsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren Bunker-$357,718.29$291,378.14
16618179681-15; Beaver South Interchange LightingUnder ConstructionRegion 4BEAVERDonna Beagley-$85,000.00$102.22
621218162Kearns Safe Routes to School FY22Under ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAmber K. Mortensen-$140,000.00$0.00
559114747US-89; 400 E. to East Fairway Drive, Storm DrainUnder ConstructionRegion 4KANELarry Johnson-$100,000.00$0.00
595217144SR-9 (500 North) & Main St (MP 12.58), La VerkinUnder ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONDonna Beagley-$341,000.00$56,676.13
595217274SR-68 & 9400 South (MP 46.32), West JordanUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEOanh Amber Le-Spradlin-$344,647.00$117,953.02
559117987US-191; MP 26.2 Left Turn Lane at Bluff DwellingsUnder ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANLarry Johnson-$169,000.00$548.48
595217724US-6 & 100 East (MP 246.93), WellingtonUnder ConstructionRegion 4CARBONDonna Beagley-$135,000.00$43,034.93
875516545US-40 Bridges at MayflowerUnder ConstructionRegion 3WASATCHJeremy BownDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$18,750,000.00$1,716,321.63
1483615899800 North; 2000 W to 3000 W, Clinton/ West PointUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGlen O Ames-$3,959,998.81$66,468.33
875111997300 North; 1000 West to 2000 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGlen O Ames-$2,116,361.76$76,530.64
595217817US-89 & 29th Street (MP 413.20), OgdenUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERGlen O Ames-$280,000.00$18,066.42
595217561SR-129 (North County Blvd) & 380 N (MP 3.97), AFUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$125,000.00$29,438.39
1483814851200 W. & 125 S., Ped. Crossing Signal, FarmingtonUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISDavid F. Alger-$137,732.00$0.00
1331115119R1 TAP; Blacksmith Fork Canyon Connector TrailUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEDavid F. Alger-$440,644.00$0.00
875114043Bluff Road; 550 West (on Gentile) to 1000 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISThomas H. RoylanceGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$5,083,618.17$686,998.19
1519611497SR-201; I-80 to Jordan RiverUnder ConstructionRegion 2VARIOUSJohn MontoyaDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$3,024,000.00$107,526.33
1519614300US-89 & SR-143; Asphalt Rehab near PanguitchUnder ConstructionRegion 4GARFIELDBrett E. AndersonSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA WESTERN ROCK PRO$16,994,000.00$89,123.49
875113821US-89; Farmington to I-84Under ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSMichael W. RomeroOAK HILLS CONSTRUCTORS, A JV PARTNERSHIP$490,757,107.61$80,071,148.87
1678016739Peerless Port of EntryUnder ConstructionRegion 4CARBONBrett E. AndersonSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA NIELSON CONSTRUC$12,000,000.00$671,716.27
595217494SR-145 & 2300 W and SR-145 & 500 W, LehiUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHBrent Schvaneveldt Udot-$200,000.00$156,200.46
875715329US-191; North Moab to Colorado River BridgeUnder ConstructionRegion 4GRANDRyan L AndersonKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$31,178,090.00$4,855,775.86
1661516668SR-97; Intersection Improvements at 5100 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERBrady P. RobertsWOLLAM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC$4,000,000.00$548,531.68
875111993Larsen Lane; N. Harrisville Rd to Washington BlvdUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERThomas H. RoylanceWARDELL BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION INC$3,793,853.65$140,343.22
598117960Ogden Urban Area Fiber Optic CommunicationsUnder ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSGlen O AmesHIDDEN PEAK ELECTRIC CO., INC.$5,992,681.10$118,016.45
875711458SR-7 (Southern Parkway); Sand Hollow to SR-9Under ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONKim ManwillAMERICAN CIVIL CONSTRUCTORS LLC$75,462,055.80$11,782,584.64
875314398FA-2234; Magna Bridge Replacments, 035031F 035033FUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaWOLLAM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC$2,000,000.00$506,404.74
875512305I-15; Juab Co. Line to Sevier RiverUnder ConstructionRegion 3VARIOUSRux R. RowlandSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA HALES SAND & G$15,100,000.00$162,373.49
1678016740Monument Valley RoundaboutUnder ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANSamuel B. GrimshawDENNIS LIERD II CONSTRUCTION, INC$2,000,000.00$160,254.96
856216646Washington Parkway; Green Springs Dr. to I-15Under ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONKim ManwillHARWARD AND REES$6,074,917.94$523,652.49
1661716201Duchesne River Erosion Control E of TabionaUnder ConstructionRegion 3DUCHESNELarry Montoya-$517,102.82$476,626.25
601915301SR-44; MP 0-28, Roadside ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 3DAGGETTBrent Schvaneveldt UdotROWSER CONSTRUCTION LLC$3,620,000.00$250,299.00
621217017Clinton Safe Routes to School FY19Under ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGlen O Ames-$42,300.00$0.00
621217013Kaysville Safe Routes to School FY19Under ConstructionRegion 1DAVISGlen O Ames-$39,500.00$31,356.44
601917741MUTCD Curve Sign Updates (R1)Under ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSGlen O AmesDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$366,000.00$7,692.72
875317994SR-210 and US-6 Emergency ProjectUnder ConstructionRegion 2VARIOUSBryan ChamberlainGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$2,100,000.00$645,563.09
601917742MUTCD Curve Sign Updates (R2)Under ConstructionRegion 2VARIOUSRebecka StromnessDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$834,000.00$12,329.33
1331114578Brigham City 200 South Sidewalk, TAP 2016Under ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERDavid F. Alger-$82,754.10$75,000.00
875517141White River Bridge Replacement #047032CUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHLarry MontoyaDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$2,705,903.00$402,036.27
1483514950Daybreak Parkway & Lake Run Intersection CrossingUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAmber K. MortensenSORENSEN, CRAIG F. CONSTRUCTION, INC.$394,899.60$102,570.01
601916314I-80; Cable Barrier, Various LocationsUnder ConstructionRegion 2TOOELEBrian J. AllenAMERICAN CIVIL CONSTRUCTORS LLC$7,335,000.00$152,513.41
595416799I-15; 900 S Barrier, Wall, Slab, Jct Box RepairUnder ConstructionTMDSALT LAKEBryan ChamberlainAMES CONSTRUCTION, INC.$352,673.43$40,275.59
601916323SR-59; MP 0-22.21, Shoulder WideningUnder ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONKayde S. RobertsMEADOW VALLEY CONTRACTORS INC DBA ACC SO$2,370,772.98$191,374.39
875314415Bangerter Three InterchangesUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEMarwan FarahCLYDE/RLW$221,400,000.00$53,191,657.51
875314413SR-172; 5600 W. Railroad CrossingUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaWADSWORTH BROS CONST. CO. INC.$82,625,531.26$13,846,927.92
1661715138UVU Ped. Crossing Over I-15Under ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A MasonKRAEMER NORTH AMERICA LLC$25,943,451.00$7,304,427.27
595217376SR-85 (MVC) & Old Bingham Hwy (MP 12.46),W JordanUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall Udot-$175,000.00$127,319.64
595216902SR-164 & Mill Rd/Woodland Hills Dr (MP 1.752), SFUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHBrent Schvaneveldt UdotSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$927,604.00$111,637.70
875513385US-40; Gusher EB Passing Lane & Center Turn LaneUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHLarry MontoyaSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA BURDICK MATERIA$13,822,616.45$4,473,424.47
595216469SR-194; EB & WB @ 3600 West (MP 2.13), LehiUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$480,000.00$377,763.48
595217118US-89 (State St) & Gregson Ave (MP 374.82), SSLUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall Udot-$250,000.00$109,558.46
875510952Historic Utah Southern Rail Trail - via UPRR, LehiUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHJohn HigginsGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$2,360,391.53$554,897.39
595216985SR-48 & 180 West, Midvale & SR-71 & 5400 S, MurrayUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall Udot-$700,000.00$211,864.23
875113886Morgan Valley Drive, Peterson to PortervilleUnder ConstructionRegion 1MORGANBrady P. RobertsSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$2,180,000.00$1,486,398.89
8757129391900 East Phase III, 600 North to 800 NorthUnder ConstructionRegion 4CARBONDevin SquireSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA NIELSON CONSTRUC$919,000.00$72,712.90
1295813524I-84 & I-15 North Split Bridge PreservationUnder ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERBrady P. RobertsGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$6,400,000.00$1,517,033.72
1431415534SR-65, SR-66; Preservation, MorganUnder ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSDaryl BallantyneGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$7,695,000.00$1,842,116.79
875314421SR-179; Midvalley Highway MP 0.0 to MP 4.0Under ConstructionRegion 2TOOELEOanh Amber Le-SpradlinAMES CONSTRUCTION, INC.$69,432,120.00$8,473,066.74
1395217268SR-7; I-15 to Exit 7Under ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONKayde S. RobertsGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$1,500,000.00$434,137.95
875313112Porter Rockwell Blvd (4th Seg); East Jordan CanalUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBrian J. AllenGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$11,342,548.33$4,926,467.28
1661816428US-191; Wildlife Underpass and Fencing, Phase 2Under ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANSamuel B. GrimshawSTAPP CONSTRUCTION$3,733,000.00$3,267,384.36
601914445US-191; MP 107.0 - 109.0, Shoulder ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANBrett E. AndersonSKYVIEW EXCAVATION AND GRADING, INC.$2,079,926.44$1,536,756.33
1331114818SR-129 (N County Blvd.) Bike Lanes, Phase 1Under ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A Mason-$141,000.00$140,951.90
855485556200 SOUTH & HOLLADAY BOULEVARDUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBryan ChamberlainACME CONSTRUCTION INC$2,331,867.00$2,113,427.60
1395316434SR-105; SR-67 to SR-106Under ConstructionRegion 1DAVISDavid AdamsonSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$1,900,000.00$1,142,394.09
1661613882Jeremy Ranch Frontage Rd Intersection ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 2SUMMITJohn MontoyaDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$13,381,464.01$9,056,868.13
1661515602US-89; Dual Right Lanes at Harrison Blvd (SR-203)Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERDavid AdamsonGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$2,300,000.00$2,028,010.89
1483514951200 W-MAIN ST, MAIN ST; S TEMPLE-500 S.Under ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEGary Horton UdotSORENSEN, CRAIG F. CONSTRUCTION, INC.$263,339.00$61,895.40
1395216536SR-37; SR-126 to 5100 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSDaryl BallantyneADVANCED PAVING AND CONST$1,900,000.00$1,474,863.42
602616789Various Rtes; TX Turndown & Guardrail ReplacementUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSRustin Anderson UdotB & K CONSTRUCTION OF UTAH, INC.$918,384.01$46,079.84
1395216630SR-60; SR-168 to US-89Under ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSDaryl BallantyneSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$3,942,254.00$3,207,164.22
875711438I-15; MP 37 - MP 44, Add NB Climbing LaneUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSKayde S. RobertsSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA WESTERN ROCK PRO$24,468,164.10$12,546,404.46
875311987Vine Street; 900 East to 1300 EastUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBryan ChamberlainSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$5,130,993.07$3,955,462.11
8753110831300 East; 1300 South to 2100 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBryan ChamberlainSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$10,519,961.35$4,448,713.03
875513062SR-52, 1100 E to Provo River Roadway ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A MasonMEADOW VALLEY CONTRACTORS INC DBA ACC SO$3,896,750.86$3,174,553.16
875510265SR-198; Woodland Hills Dr to Arrowhead Trail in SFUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHDarren BunkerKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$7,800,448.86$5,186,718.83
595216905SR-71 (700 E) & 500 South, Salt Lake CityUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEAaron Wall Udot-$345,000.00$227,093.99
1661717070UVU Ped Bridge CMGC Early PackageUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHEric A MasonKRAEMER NORTH AMERICA LLC$4,820,550.00$2,466,235.18
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