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Master PinPinProject DescriptionProject StatusRegionCountyProject ManagerContractorProject ValueExpenditures
83118314SR-85, MVC; 5400 South to 4100 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJoe KammererRLW/STAKER PARSON, A JOINT VENTURE$113,278,161.39$111,903,502.31
1331115120R1 TAP; Canyon Connector Sidewalk, LoganUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEDavid F. Alger-$717,219.00$0.00
1331114577US-89; Logan City Connector TrailUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEDavid F. Alger-$700,000.00$0.00
559714255State St. Orem Drainage WorkUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHAaron M. Pinkerton-$40,000.00$15,009.81
875113121200 North & Angel Street IntersectionUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISBrett Slater-$2,871,481.82$1,300,497.77
875113363FY2015 Region One TAP, North Salt LakeUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISDallas Wall Udot-$133,000.00$0.00
559716628Canyon Rd and SR-92 IntersectionUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHAaron M. Pinkerton-$220,000.00$220,000.00
595216122US-40 (Victory Hwy) & Airport Rd (MP 18.65), HeberUnder ConstructionRegion 3WASATCHBrent Schvaneveldt-$350,000.00$88,459.62
875113930Brigham City - Alternative Fuel VehicleUnder ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERDallas Wall Udot-$105,000.00$0.00
595216441SR-51 (State Rd) & 1600 S (MP 2.42), SpringvilleUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHJustin Schellenberg-$250,000.00$34,856.44
559713732Charleston 3000 S. Intersection ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 3WASATCHMatthew Parker-$232,000.00$1,413.51
595216180US-40; 250 W (MP 86.3) & 100 W (MP 86.43), DuchesnUnder ConstructionRegion 3DUCHESNELarry Montoya-$225,000.00$38,571.49
1661714131US-191; Indian Canyon Drainage Catch BasinsUnder ConstructionRegion 3DUCHESNEBrent Schvaneveldt-$820,026.98$84,672.78
595216640SR-121 & 8700 North (MP 9.70), NeolaUnder ConstructionRegion 3DUCHESNELarry Montoya-$40,000.00$7,320.89
577515303SR-35; MP 12.25-43.12, Curve Warning SignsUnder ConstructionRegion 3VARIOUSBrent Schvaneveldt-$245,000.00$222,950.53
559715030SR-28 Turn Lane at Paxman LaneUnder ConstructionRegion 3JUABAaron M. Pinkerton-$160,000.00$153,867.26
606114736Region 3 Barrier Treatments Program FY17Under ConstructionRegion 3JUABAaron M. Pinkerton-$150,000.00$65,522.86
577512203SR-62; MP 31.73-37.83, Shoulder ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSDonna Beagley-$100,000.00$54,908.20
1661715573SR-191; Stauffer Chemical to Red Loop Rd GuardrailUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHLarry Montoya-$1,500,000.00$115,049.43
875311854Summit County, Kilby Road Landmark DriveUnder ConstructionRegion 2SUMMITOanh Amber Le-SpradlinGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$1,500,000.00$118,354.80
875112003638 North to 2400 North (Lund Lane)Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERDaryl BallantyneACME CONSTRUCTION INC$1,040,437.00$108,307.58
1295816654US-191 Over San Juan River Bridge Joint RepairUnder ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANBrett E. AndersonGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$290,000.00$64,918.33
559715864Springville US-89 & 100 S Ped.Crossing EnhancementUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHJustin Schellenberg-$20,000.00$0.00
595216181US-40 & 5750 East (MP 119.66), Fort DuchesneUnder ConstructionRegion 3UINTAHLarry Montoya-$400,000.00$385,945.02
1661815522I-15/SR-143; NB Off Ramp ModificationUnder ConstructionRegion 4IRONBrett E. AndersonSUNROC CORPORATION$625,000.00$27,814.96
1295615248SR-201; 300 West to StateUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBryan ChamberlainSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$1,630,000.00$226,440.83
875515275SR-68; Village Pkwy. to Grandview in Saratoga SpgsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHMatthew ParkerGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$26,208,318.80$4,390,738.16
1661715570Pioneer Crossing/I-15 Int. Ramp ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHAaron M. PinkertonKNIFE RIVER CORPORATION-MOUNTAIN WEST$5,500,000.00$325,069.15
636414701I-15; Exit 138Under ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDDonna Beagley-$100,000.00$199,646.03
636414707I-70; Exit 73Under ConstructionRegion 4SEVIERDonna Beagley-$175,000.00$0.00
1661515811SR-39; Emergency Pavement RehabilitationUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERDaryl BallantyneGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$3,000,000.00$274,236.95
875714366SR-9; Passing Lanes, Midway to RockvilleUnder ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONChristopher D. HallBROWN BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO.$7,500,000.00$437,732.65
1213716187I-84 over Weber River Bearing Repairs; 4C 476Under ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSThomas H. RoylanceGERBER CONSTRUCTION, INC.$300,425.00$13,334.28
1295713775SR-36; MP 28.0 to 42.6; Pavement RehabilitationUnder ConstructionRegion 2TOOELEAmber K. MortensenKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$5,604,212.00$129,117.81
1295715154SR-60; SR-26 to SR-168Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERDaryl BallantyneGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$1,006,790.00$79,193.97
875313578SR-209; 90th S- State St. to 700 E.Under ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaACME CONSTRUCTION INC$13,607,000.00$2,644,048.84
595215988SR-164 (8000 S) & 1200 W (MP 1.06), Spanish ForkUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHJustin Schellenberg-$230,000.00$214,621.41
1295714197SR-108; 2300 N to SR-126Under ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSDaryl BallantyneGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$2,900,000.00$476,339.54
595215989SR-77 (400 S) & 1200 W (MP 7.92), SpringvilleUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHJustin Schellenberg-$225,000.00$204,006.47
1654716423I-80; Structure Replacement (Early Surcharge)Under ConstructionRegion 2VARIOUSJohn MontoyaGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$5,500,000.00$4,039,419.81
621215239Millville Safe Routes to SchoolUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEThomas H. RoylanceACME CONSTRUCTION INC$676,427.00$79,412.35
875311986Porter Rockwell Blvd. (5th Segment)Under ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBrian J. AllenLANDMARK EXCAVATING INC$5,966,378.85$1,024,623.81
1295614192US-89, SR-13; 3000 S. to 700 S.Under ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERDaryl BallantyneACME CONSTRUCTION INC$975,000.00$46,208.97
8753110959000 South & 4000 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBryan ChamberlainACME CONSTRUCTION INC$836,640.00$447,539.39
1295614306US-191; MP 140 to RR StructureUnder ConstructionRegion 4GRANDRustin Anderson UdotINTERMOUNTAIN SLURRY SEAL, INC.$1,580,000.00$65,830.52
875114407SR-39; Dual Lefts at Washington Blvd.Under ConstructionRegion 1WEBERBrett SlaterSTAPP CONSTRUCTION$3,261,500.00$962,560.86
1295714823US-89; I-15 to Eagle Ridge Dr., North Salt LakeUnder ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSThomas H. RoylanceSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$2,241,119.01$32,791.89
875310858Prospector Ave, Park CityUnder ConstructionRegion 2SUMMITBryan ChamberlainSTAPP CONSTRUCTION$2,614,197.00$311,991.97
1295713357I-70; I-15 to Clear Creek SummitUnder ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDRustin Anderson UdotW. W. CLYDE & CO$9,500,000.00$4,154,749.16
595215855SR-51 (State St) & Expressway Lane (MP 0.57), SFUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHJustin Schellenberg-$250,000.00$233,509.08
1295713464SR-282; University of Utah RoadsUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKERebecka StromnessKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$5,347,379.98$2,543,181.79
1377113784SR-46; US-191 to Colorado State LineUnder ConstructionRegion 4SAN JUANBrett E. AndersonKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$7,980,019.00$186,519.91
1295714538US-89; Jct SR-9 to GlendaleUnder ConstructionRegion 4KANERyan L AndersonSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA WESTERN ROCK PRO$6,118,360.99$362,967.29
1295715883SR-173; 5600 West to 4800 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBrian J. AllenSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$1,755,500.00$225,565.22
1295715884SR-71; Carnation Drive to 9400 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBrian J. AllenKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$1,669,195.00$245,621.96
1295714284US-89 & SR-28; Hot-in-Place Recycle & OverlayUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSNancy JeromeSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA HALES SAND & G$7,037,206.25$2,878,180.45
601915284I-80; MP 18.7-32.55; EB & WB Median Cable BarrierUnder ConstructionRegion 2TOOELEAmber K. MortensenMEADOW VALLEY CONTRACTORS INC DBA ACC SO$3,637,420.00$696,644.28
1295613334I-70; Belknap to Sigurd & US-89; State St, SalinaUnder ConstructionRegion 4SEVIERRustin Anderson UdotDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$2,665,000.00$1,716,527.68
875114210SR-167; I-84 to SR-39Under ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSGlen O AmesSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$11,503,750.00$2,214,844.66
1377114320SR-14; Mammoth Creek Rd. to MP 36.843Under ConstructionRegion 4KANEBrett E. AndersonSUNROC CORPORATION$2,330,992.00$1,245,637.37
875513391US-40;Passing Lanes Between Bridgeland & MytonUnder ConstructionRegion 3DUCHESNELarry MontoyaR CHAPMAN CONSTRUCTION INC$13,363,069.58$3,490,294.87
8751140421500 South Phase 3; 1350 West to 1100 WestUnder ConstructionRegion 1DAVISBrett SlaterCOP CONSTRUCTION LLC$3,123,600.00$978,281.20
1295715885SR-210; SR-209 to Top of CanyonUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKERebecka StromnessGRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY$5,045,057.00$2,538,703.70
875516179Mountain View Corridor Canal Work Saratoga SpringsUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHMatthew Parker-$1,150,000.00$7,980.31
1377115418SR-62; MP 17.19 to KoosharemUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSRustin Anderson UdotSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA HALES SAND & G$5,618,157.00$1,874,805.85
875315998SR-209; 90th., State St. to 700 E (Canal Wrk earlyUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaACME CONSTRUCTION INC$500,000.00$297,554.69
1295715313US-89; Long Valley Jct. to HatchUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSRyan L AndersonSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA WESTERN ROCK PRO$2,007,483.01$1,909,784.88
1377113859US-191; Nat. Forest Sta. To Jones HollowUnder ConstructionRegion 3DUCHESNEChris MemmottSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA BURDICK MATERIA$4,517,281.71$2,038,969.67
1661814390SR-72; Wood Bridge ReplacementUnder ConstructionRegion 4SEVIERSamuel B. GrimshawHARWARD AND REES$586,380.00$503,979.24
875711467I-15; MP 22 to MP 28, Add NB Climbing LaneUnder ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONKayde S. RobertsW. W. CLYDE & CO$15,900,000.00$8,262,441.29
875313796Tollgate Canyon Interchange Bridge Rehab, C-338Under ConstructionRegion 2SUMMITAmber K. MortensenRALPH L WADSWORTH CONSTRUCTION CO LLC$1,550,000.00$133,046.32
1295614360I-15; Dog Valley to Baker CanyonUnder ConstructionRegion 4MILLARDRustin Anderson UdotGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$1,100,000.00$36,158.73
1213913804I-70; MP 7 to 21 Bridge PreservationUnder ConstructionRegion 4SEVIERSamuel B. GrimshawW. W. CLYDE & CO$14,860,705.40$4,435,821.17
875714722US-6; New Passing Lane & Extend 2 Passing LanesUnder ConstructionRegion 4VARIOUSNancy JeromeHARWARD AND REES$6,883,314.00$4,295,891.54
1213613738 US-91; 1000 N. to S. SmithfieldUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEDaniel S. Young UdotKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$8,188,210.35$2,015,120.61
1295712514SR-17; LaVerkin to Anderson Jct.Under ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONKathy StarksSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA WESTERN ROCK PRO$2,700,000.00$1,977,707.47
875311828I-80; Parleys Summit to Jeremy Ranch WB Truck LaneUnder ConstructionRegion 2VARIOUSJohn MontoyaRALPH L WADSWORTH CONSTRUCTION CO LLC$21,404,350.16$9,494,053.49
621214335Pleasant View Safe Routes to SchoolUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERThomas HalesAAA EXCAVATION INC$658,315.79$165,596.80
875513668Lehi Main & State St. Intersection AreaUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHAaron M. PinkertonGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$6,000,000.00$3,493,394.12
1377115417SR-137; Mayfield LoopUnder ConstructionRegion 4SANPETEBrett E. AndersonSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA HALES SAND & G$3,930,279.00$3,435,671.25
875113364FY2015 Region One TAP, Cache CountyUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEDallas Wall Udot-$193,000.00$0.00
601913486I-15 & I-84; Interstate Structure ProtectionUnder ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSDavid AdamsonACME CONSTRUCTION INC$1,000,000.00$569,066.94
875112674SR-68; I-215 Interchange Reconstruct.Under ConstructionRegion 1VARIOUSBrett SlaterSUNDT CONSTRUCTION INC$39,300,000.31$13,321,821.99
601915280I-84; MP 0-40, Median Cable BarrierUnder ConstructionRegion 1BOX ELDERBrady P. RobertsCOP CONSTRUCTION LLC$2,883,766.00$2,391,883.09
875312987Active Warnings on Faust RdUnder ConstructionRegion 2TOOELEVicky Doehring UdotRULON HARPER CONSTRUCTION INC$1,025,740.99$854,158.51
1295716018I-80; Lambs to Kimball'sUnder ConstructionRegion 2VARIOUSJohn MontoyaSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$8,000,000.00$1,042,291.11
612915177SR-235, North Ogden City Main Street Phase IUnder ConstructionRegion 1WEBERRex Harris-$71,600.00$59,028.32
875312561US-89, 11400 South to 10600 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEOanh Amber Le-SpradlinSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$9,719,664.98$5,256,798.92
1371715476Cattle Guard Replacement - Various LocationsUnder ConstructionRegion 2TOOELEVicky Doehring UdotRULON HARPER CONSTRUCTION INC$1,144,000.00$427,338.00
875710783SR-18; St. George Blvd. to Sunset Blvd.Under ConstructionRegion 4WASHINGTONChristopher D. HallMEADOW VALLEY CONTRACTORS INC DBA ACC SO$42,200,000.00$21,768,488.33
601915157US-91/SR-252 Intersection ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 1CACHEBrett SlaterSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA JACK B. PARSON C$2,580,000.00$1,402,343.63
1371715167SR-68; 4700 S. to 3100 S.Under ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEJohn MontoyaKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$2,600,000.00$390,573.70
1371715475I-80 Chain-up Area ImprovementsUnder ConstructionRegion 2VARIOUSDallas Wall UdotSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$1,800,000.00$568,455.28
1295614614US-191; Uintah/Daggett Co. Line to Greendale Jct.Under ConstructionRegion 3DAGGETTChris MemmottR CHAPMAN CONSTRUCTION INC$3,241,193.00$866,419.92
875513389US-40; Daniels Canyon WB Passing Lane N of SummitUnder ConstructionRegion 3WASATCHLarry MontoyaWARDELL BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION INC$4,520,270.00$917,764.07
1371715474I-215; SR-201 to 2200 NorthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEOanh Amber Le-SpradlinDRY CREEK STRUCTURES LLC$6,576,422.01$3,714,232.94
1661713421SR-77 400 S Springville; SF Main to I-15Under ConstructionRegion 3UTAHJustin SchellenbergSTAKER & PARSON COS DBA STAKER PAVING &$6,970,000.00$4,397,294.76
1295712302US-189; University Parkway to Jct. SR-52 in OremUnder ConstructionRegion 3UTAHChris MemmottGENEVA ROCK PRODUCTS, INC.$1,050,046.01$11,712.57
8753100095600 West; 7800 South to 8600 SouthUnder ConstructionRegion 2SALT LAKEBryan ChamberlainKILGORE COMPANIES, A DELAWARE LLC DBA KI$5,596,984.00$944,158.02
875711852Moab City, Millcreek Drive Intersection ImprovemenUnder ConstructionRegion 4GRANDRyan L AndersonSKYVIEW EXCAVATION AND GRADING, INC.$1,650,000.00$1,414,911.11
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