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Utah launches new litter cleanup program to ensure we are “Keeping Utah Beautiful”

UDOT’s new program allows volunteers to easily sign up for a one-time cleanup

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox today helped launch the new “Keeping Utah Beautiful” volunteer litter program by cleaning up a stretch of SR-201 near Mountain View Corridor.

The program, administered by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), makes it easy for the public to go online and sign up for a one-time cleanup of state roads. The volunteer cleanups will supplement the work of UDOT crews, who regularly pick up litter across the state. 

“Serving others and giving back is the hallmark of who we are,” Governor Cox said. “Utah leads the nation each year in volunteerism, and I know many Utahns, including myself, will take advantage of this new opportunity to help maintain the beauty of our state.”

To participate in a cleanup, volunteers must be a minimum of age 14. To volunteer, visit UDOT’s “Keeping Utah Beautiful” website and click on a state road to clean up. Then, fill out the application form to indicate group name, number of volunteers, contact information, and preferred date of cleanup. Shortly after an application has been submitted, the applicant will receive an email with details on their cleanup. 

To ensure volunteer safety, “Keeping Utah Beautiful” participants will not clean interstates or some state routes. 

“Keeping litter off our roads not only keeps Utah beautiful, but it keeps Utah safe,” UDOT Deputy Director Lisa Wilson said. “This new program will make it easier than ever for Utahns to lend a hand and clean up our roads.”

UDOT maintenance workers will continue cleaning interstates and major state roads. The department spends an average of $2.3 million per year cleaning up litter.

To prevent litter from reaching Utah’s roads, UDOT recommends drivers properly secure items in their vehicles. 

“All it takes is five minutes to properly secure your load,” Wilson said. “Litter is more than a wrapper or bottle flying out of a car window. The bigger issue, from a safety standpoint, is larger objects not properly secured falling out and causing crashes. Take the time to tie it down.”

The “Keeping Utah Beautiful” program replaces the Adopt-a-Highway program. Businesses can continue to support the “Sponsor a Highway” program which hires a professional litter cleaning company to perform pickup along Utah’s interstates.

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