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Traffic Management Division

Welcome to the Traffic Management Division

The Traffic Management Division is a division within UDOT that consolidates the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Division and the Traffic Operations Center (TOC) into one technology-oriented division. The Traffic Management Division is responsible for planning, designing, installing, operating, and maintaining advanced ITS technologies to improve transportation mobility, safety, economic prosperity, and customer satisfaction.

Services provided by the Traffic Management Division (UDOT) include computer-controlled coordinated traffic signals, management of traffic incidents on state highways, operation of ramp meters on I-15, control of electronic variable message signs, operation of the state‚Äôs 511 traveler information telephone system, and the traffic website at www.udot.utah.gov/traffic. The Division is dedicated to providing outstanding transportation service through the use of advanced technology.

UDOT has a strong culture of innovation and recognizes the benefits of technology to safety and traffic management. UDOT Leadership, along with Governor Cox and some legislators have expressed a desire to become national leaders in the area of transportation technology. UDOT is actively evaluating and recommending legislation to ensure that we are ready now and competitive in the future.

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Traffic Management Focus Areas

Traffic Management Leadership Team

Leadership Team Org Chart (435 KB PDF File)

Administration Group

The administration group is responsible for behind-the scenes facilitation for all of the Traffic Management Division’s groups. Billing, building and facilities management, front office staffing and group coordination and support are all important roles that the admin group handle. Administration Group Org Chart (435 KB PDF File)

ITS Deployment & Maintenance Group

Managing and upgrading existing equipment and planning to deploy new equipment is a big job. The ITS deployment group works closely with UDOT region offices, local municipalities and other groups to determine the appropriate locations for new traffic cameras and other detector equipment. This group also manages the world-class fiber optic network which helps UDOT devices to communicate to the traffic management division control room. The fiber optic network is a model across the nation, deployed through public and private partnerships and trade. ITS Deployment & Maintenance Group Org Chart (440 KB PDF File)

Traffic Operations Group

The Traffic Operations Group incorporates the Control Room Operators, the Weather Group and the Incident Management Team. Traffic Operations Group Org Chart (436 KB PDF File)

Control Room Operators

The traffic operations center control room operates 24/7/365 and is responsible for traffic management throughout the state. The control room operators have a sophisticated network of devices that help them to message to the traveling public when there are weather events, special events or crashes that could cause delay. Control Room Operators Org Chart (438 KB PDF File)

Incident Management Team

The operations group also houses the Incident Management Team (IMT) group. IMT personnel assist motorists with gas and flat tires and also support UHP on crash scenes. Incident Management Team Web page Incident Management Team Org Chart (440 KB PDF File)

Weather Group

The UDOT weather group is a model for the nation. The weather group started around the time of the 2002 Olympics hosted in Salt Lake City and has grown significantly since then. The weather group consists of several meteorologists as well as program analysts who coordinate regularly with UDOT plow crews maintenance staff and construction projects to share pertinent weather information. A cost/benefit study from several years ago showed an 11:1 ratio for the program, meaning that for every $1 UDOT spends, we gain $11 of value for the taxpayers. Weather Group Org Chart (435 KB PDF File)

Traffic Signal Operations Group

The Traffic Signals group operates a sophisticated network of over 1200 traffic signals throughout the state of Utah. These signals are connected to the Traffic Management Division through a robust fiber optic network, which allows for proactive and reactive traffic signal timing changes. This keeps Utah moving by increasing roadway efficiency. Traffic Signals Maintenance/Timing
Love Green Lights?
Flashing Yellow Arrow Flyer (1.6 MB PDF File)
Traffic Signal Coordination (703 KB PDF File)
Automatic Traffic Signal Performance Measures Handout (806 KB PDF File)
Traffic Signal Operations Group Org Chart (435 KB PDF File)

Freeway Operations Group

UDOT has thousands of field devices that detect, collect and analyze roadway data. These sensors and devices are critically important in the Traffic Management Division’s mission to use technology to improve safety and efficiency in transportation. The ITS Deployment and maintenance group technicians repair, install and maintain devices like Variable Message Signs, traffic cameras, count stations, ramp meters and Express Lanes equipment throughout the state. Express Lanes web page Freeway Operations Group Org Chart (435 KB PDF File)

Transportation Technology Group

Utah Transportation Technology Group believes that connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) represent the next opportunity to improve traffic safety and mobility. Our goal is to position Utah as the frontrunner of CAV development and implementation, and, in the process, to accelerate the realization of the safety and operational benefits of using these technologies. Transportation Technology
(You will be directed to an external website) Transportation Technology Group Org Chart (435 KB PDF File)

Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO)

Transportation Systems Management and Operations is an integrated UDOT-wide approach to UDOT’s work that leverages technologies and partnerships to optimize the safety, reliability and efficiency of Utah’s transportation network. UDOT has been employing TSMO strategies for years; it is part of out culture of innovation and safety. TSMO Peer Exchange
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