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  4. Snow Tire & Chain Requirements

Snow Tire & Chain Requirements

Utah Administrative Rule R920-6

Utah weather changes rapidly and in order to keep the roads safe for all motorists the following rules have been enacted.

  • Locations are designated by the Department of Transportation’s Region Director after coordinating with the local Utah Highway Patrol office. The designations by the Region Director are established through a Traffic Engineering Order (TEO) from the Division of Traffic and Safety to the Region Director’s office where the designated highway is located.
  • The Utah Department of Transportation’s Division of Traffic and Safety maintains and annually publishes a listing of the designation highways for distribution to:
    • Utah Department of Transportation Region Offices;
    • Utah Highway Patrol;
    • county offices; and
    • local law enforcement officials.
  • When any designated highway is restricted, no vehicle will be allowed or permitted to use the highway, between October 1 and April 30, or when the Utah Department of Transportation determines conditions warrant, unless:
    • the vehicle is equipped with either:
      • steel link chains or have chains in possession;
      • mounted snow tires; (tires with an M/S designation with or without studs);
      • elastomeric tire chains, designed for use with radial tires; or
      • four-wheel drive vehicles with a minimum of two mounted snow tires.
  • Radial tires without snow tread do not meet the requirements.
  • An operator of a commercial vehicle with four or more drive wheels, other than a bus, will need to affix tire chains to at least four of the drive wheel tires.
  • An operator of a bus or recreational vehicle will need to affix tire chains to at least two of the drive wheel tires.