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Making a Purchase

If you are seeking to make a purchase for you or your team. There are several ways to make a purchase in line with UDOT policies, UDOT administrative rules, and Utah Procurement Code. Please see below for the steps to making a purchase here at UDOT.

Additionally, UDOT has warehouses throughout the state that have consistent supply of inventory items that can be transferred from the central warehouse in Salt Lake City to your nearest regional warehouse, or directly purchased from the warehouse for projects, programs, and maintenance stations.

Steps for Making a Purchase

Step 1: Does the purchase have software or hardware?

The Utah Department of Technology Services has the authority to purchase IT related products for executive branch agencies. Please reach out to your IT Managers (Rudy Zamora or Michelle Verucchi)

Step 2: Check Utah Correctional Industries (UCI)

UCI contacts are mandatory use contracts for all executive branch agencies, so if your purchase aligns with one of the following products or services you should contact UCI for pricing:

  • Apparel, Embroidery, and Silk-Screening
  • Document Scanning
  • Furniture
  • Green Thumb
  • Printing
  • Seating and Upholstery
  • Signage
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Construction/Demolition
  • Roofing

If you would like specific examples, please see this document (Utah Correctional Industries Product and Services Offered) or contact UCI at ucicustomerservice@utah.gov

Step 3: Search UDOT Agency Contracts

Procurement Service creates UDOT specific contracts that should be researched for availability of the product or services that you seek UDOT Agency Contracts. Here you will find all the contracts that UDOT Procurement Services already has with various vendors, contractors, and consultants. If you are in need of help navigating the page please reach out to anyone in the Procurement Services Division

Step 4: Search State Contracts

If you cannot purchase the item from UCI or on a UDOT Agency Contract. State Procurement code requires that you must purchase from a state contract first, if available. Searching for state contracts is easy via State Contract Search Page. Here you will find all the contracts that state already has with various vendors. If you are in need of help navigating the page please reach out to anyone in the Procurement Services Division

Step 5: Working with UDOT Procurement Division

If you are unable to find the procurement items you seek via the the above steps you should reach out to UDOT Procurement Division. The team in procurement is here to help you navigate Request for Proposals, Invitations for Bids, Sole Sources, as well as other procurement instruments.

Purchasing Resources and Forms

Procurement Forms Terms and Conditions Procurement Services Online (PSO) UDOT Agency Contracts State Contracts Utah Public Procurement Place

Steps for working with any UDOT Warehouse

Step 1: Search for Inventory on Hand

To search for inventory quantities on hand at any of the UDOT warehouses, you can search using the button at the bottom of the page “Inventory On Hand”. You can search for inventory items by warehouse, by commodity code, or by commodity description

Step 2: Placing an Order with any UDOT Warehouse

There are several UDOT warehouses throughout the state that hold inventory for use by stations, administration and various programs or projects. The following are the warehouses and their contacts:

Central Warehouse – 7042

Tracie Montano,Warehouse Coordinator


Sam Gunn
Purchasing Agent I

Billy Gallegos
Warehouse Specialist

Napo Kusitor

Warehouse Specialist

Greg Palmer
Warehouse Specialist

Ogden- 10000

Rich Branz
Contract Analyst

Orem- 30000

Nena Woodmansee
Financial Analyst II

Price- 44200

Sue Moorhead
Price Warehouse Manager

Richfield- 44300

Tyler Pitts

Warehouse Specialist

Cedar City- 44400

Jennifer Orton

Administrative Secretary

There are two ways to order an inventory items from one of the UDOT Warehouses, you can either buy the inventory item directly from a warehouse (FI-125 Form) or transfer an inventory item to your warehouse for use later (FI-126 Form). These forms and examples of how to fill out the forms can be found by using the “Warehouse Forms” button at the bottom of the page.

Once you have found the inventory item you need you can email these forms to one of the contacts at the contacts above at the appropriate warehouse you wish to order from.

Step 2: Order Verification


Step 3: Order Confirmation


Warehouse Resources and Forms

Warehouse Forms Inventory on Hand