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UDOT Maintenance is responsible for maintaining state owned roadway facilities. These roadways include interstates and expressways, along with primary and secondary roads. Maintenance cares for many asset types, such as barrier, pavement patching, striping, signing, litter, mowing, snowplowing, etc. To better serve the public, UDOT Maintenance is divided into four regions with over 80 local maintenance stations.

Annual Budget Increase Requests

Maintenance Methods and Products Studies

Our Methods Study Status Sheet provides a quick overview of the status of each study. On the Methods Study Status Sheet, select the link in the Description column to view details of each completed study.

Studies currently in progress are managed internally. Keep in mind, a given deliverable could be in various formats, e.g. reports, specifications, guides, videos, manuals, training, etc.

Experimental Products Sheet – coming soon –

Construction and Maintenance Bid Limit for FY 2023

When using State forces, the Construction and Maintenance Bid Limit for FY 2023 is $185,243.
Based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), this is an increase of 3.00% above the FY 2022 Bid Limit of $179,848.

For UDOT forces, the limit applies to:
  • Labor and materials only
  • Does not include equipment. Ref Code: 72-6-107(2) (b)
There are exceptions. See Code 7-2-6-109 for exceptions, which includes emergency repairs among other things.

Guidance or Instruction Memos

FY20 Lands & Buildings Program
for Regions & Ports of Entry

Maintenance Budgets & Activities Dashboard

National Research for Winter Highway Maintenance
Guidelines & Activity Standards

Hot Mix Asphalt – Contract Support

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