2. Employee Resources

Employee Resources

UDOT employees are what make us great! The information found in this section of the site is meant to help our employees accomplish their important work.

UDOT’s Vision

Keeping Utah Moving

UDOT’s vision is as simple and straightforward as our name. We aim to Keep Utah Moving. That includes everything from improving our roads and traffic lights to providing alternate means of getting from A to B, like bike lanes and public transit. We want to make sure that whatever is being moved, freight and cargo or the people in a vehicle, arrives safe and promptly. It isn’t easy, but Keeping Utah Moving is what keeps UDOT going.


Enhance quality of life through transportation.

Quality of Life Framework
  • Better Mobility
  • Good Health
  • Connected Communities
  • Stronger Economy
Additional information about the Quality of Life Framework can be found on Utah’s Transportation Vision website.


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Caring

Strategic Goals

The departments strategic goals are how we accomplish our vision and mission. The results achieved are direct results of the efforts of the department and its partners.

Zero Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities

UDOT is committed to safety, and we won’t rest until we achieve zero crashes, zero injuries and zero fatalities.

Preserve Infrastructure

We believe good roads cost less, and through proactive preservation we maximize the value of our infrastructure investment for today and the future.

Optimize Mobility

UDOT optimizes traffic mobility by adding roadway capacity and incorporating innovative design and traffic management strategies.