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The Internet Crime Complaint Center is warning the public regarding a ‘SMishing’ SMS texting scam. This scam involves individuals receiving a text claiming they owe money for unpaid tolls. These texts direct individuals to click a link to resolve a fake unpaid toll.

This scam has now been seen in Utah; phone numbers with Utah-local area codes are receiving messages instructing the recipient to pay an unpaid toll or face fines. These texts are not from UDOT. Do not click any links in these texts. If any recipient has mistakenly provided payment, please contact your credit card company or bank immediately.

UDOT does not send text messages requesting payment of tolls. Express Pass customers can visit https://www.expresspass.utah.gov/ or call 855-813-9127 for any questions regarding your account.

See News & Alerts for more information or visit the IC3 at https://www.ic3.gov/Media/Y2024/PSA240412.

How the Express Lanes Work

UDOT’s Express Lanes, located on I-15 between Riverdale and Spanish Fork, maximize speed and reliability for carpoolers, motorcyclists, and solo drivers who pay a toll. The Express Lanes reduce congestion in all I-15 lanes by offering dedicated space to these users. 

Use of the Express Lanes by drivers who don’t meet one of the requirements is illegal. Keep in mind that:

  • Speed limits still apply
  • Express Lanes should not be used to pass other vehicles
  • Crossing the double white lines is not only illegal – it is unsafe!

Use the Express Lanes when Carpooling

If you only use the Express Lanes when carpooling, you’re in luck! Simply use the Express Lanes when you have another person in your vehicle and you won’t be charged. 

Use an Express Pass when Driving Alone

Solo drivers can use the Express Lanes by purchasing an Express Pass, which is a small radio frequency transponder that you mount to your windshield behind the rear-view mirror. The I-15 Express Lanes are divided into payment zones with overhead signs that show the price to use each zone. This price increases when the Express Lanes are more congested to maintain speed and reliability in the lanes.

Readers at several locations along the Express Lanes detect your Express Pass as you travel through each zone and charge your account when you exit. You will only pay the price shown when you entered each zone. Pricing ranges from $0.25 cents to $2 per zone depending on congestion. Costs are highest during peak traffic times to discourage too many drivers from entering the lanes.

Please note: Additional fees apply to set up and maintain your Express Pass account. In addition to the initial setup costs, Express Pass account holders are charged an account maintenance fee each month if the account does not accrue at least $2.50 in tolls. (This $2.50 account maintenance fee is reduced by tolls charged during a month up to a total removal of the fee when $2.50 in tolls is reached.)

Check out our FAQs to learn more about where to mount and how to use the Express Pass.

Mixing Carpooling and Driving Alone

Express Pass owners can still ride free as a carpooler. Move the slider to the HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) position, and the toll system will recognize your vehicle as HOV and not charge a toll to your account.

Image of Express Lanes Express Pass transponder in HOV mode
Express Lanes Express Pass transponder in HOV mode

Requirements to Use the Express Lanes

How You’re DrivingRequirements
Driving AloneExpress Pass in TOLL mode
Carpooling (2 or more occupants
in a vehicle)
No Pass required OR
Express Pass in HOV mode
MotorcycleNo Pass required
BusNo Pass required
Clean Fuel VehicleExpress Pass in TOLL mode OR
Clean Vehicle Pass

Violating these requirements (i.e. driving in the lane alone without an Express Pass in TOLL mode) could result in a fine of $337 or more.

Vehicles not Allowed in the Express Lanes

  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight greater than 12,000 lbs
  • Vehicles pulling trailers
  • Solo drivers without an Express Pass in TOLL mode or valid Clean Vehicle Permit, Pass, and sticker

Know the Signs

The amount shown on the sign you see just before you enter the Express Lanes is the cost to drive in the zone, even if the price changes while you are still in the zone. The costs to drive in each zone ranges from $0.25 to $2 depending on congestion levels.

All drivers, carpoolers or solo drivers, can use the Express Lanes for free. You may see this when there is a planned construction closure in another I-15 lane, or when a crash or other incident is blocking the other lanes.

All drivers must exit the Express Lanes at the next access point. You may see this if there is a planned construction closure of the Express Lanes, or a crash or other incident blocking the Express Lanes.

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