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Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE)

IDDE Procedures

UDOT has procedures in place for Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, which are described in the UDOT Stormwater Management Program (SWMP). UDOT has authority over its right-of-way to investigate and resolve Illegal Connections and Illicit Discharges and Illegal Dumping (IC/IDs). Illegal connections are prohibited as they may carry unauthorized drainage, wastewater, pollutants, or other illicit discharges to UDOT’s storm drain system from adjacent properties.

Help Protect Utah Water Quality

Non-emergencies – Contact the UDOT Spill Response Hotline 801-965-4037

How to Report a Spill, Illicit Discharge or Illegal Connection

If a spill or illicit discharge is identified within UDOT’s right-of-way, first determine if the situation is an emergency.

Emergencies – Call 911
  • For spills or illicit discharges on state highways that may impact the safety of the traveling public or the environment, such as: vehicle accidents, fires, unknown chemicals, or an explosion hazard.
Non-emergencies – Contact the UDOT Spill Response Hotline 801-965-4037
  • For spills or illicit discharges on state highways that are not considered an immediate threat.

Your information will be used to document and initiate the investigation. UDOT appreciates your help in assisting with this monitoring effort and looks forward to partnering with the public to protect our waters.

During office hours (7:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday – Thursday), you may also contact the Region Stormwater Coordinator regarding spills. To determine which Region Office can better assist you, please view UDOT’s Region Map

Region Coordinators

Bren Edwards
Region One

Stephanie McGinnis
Region Two

Sidney Parker
Region Three (acting)

Brandon Burrows
Region Four – Central & East Areas

Kristi Richards
Region Four – West & Southwest Areas

What is a Spill?

A spill is an unintentional release of anything other than storm water related to a single event
  • Many times they are associated with emergency situations such as an automobile accident spilling oil or other automotive fluids onto the highway surface

The best way to prevent illicit discharges is by preventing materials from entering the storm drain system through education and enforcing prohibitions on illicit discharges and improper dumping

What is an Illicit Discharge?

An illicit discharge is anything entering a storm drainage system that is not composed entirely of storm water
  • Sprinklers can wash pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers from our gardens and lawns
  • Detergents, oils and grease from washing your car can also contribute to illicit discharge
  • Some illicit discharges may be the result of illegal activities such as dumping materials into stormdrains or connecting waste water pipe into a storm drain

What is an Illegal Connection?

An illegal connection is any unauthorized pipe, ditch, or other manmade structure that is physically connected to UDOT’s property or drainage system.

Pictured to the left is an example of an illegal connection where a car wash was illegally connected into UDOT’s MS4.