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Consultant & Engineering Services Contracts

Consultant Services

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Consultant Services is responsible for the procurement and administration of design and professional services necessary for UDOT programs and projects. Consultant Services procures services under the authority and guidance of federal and state laws, regulations, and rules.

Manual of Instruction

The Consultant Services Manual of Instruction (MOI) provides information and guidance related to the engineering and professional services contracting process. Our goal is to provide relevant information to UDOT staff, Local Government (LG) agencies, and consultant firms regarding contracting with UDOT on transportation related programs and projects. The policies and procedures outlined within this manual are required by, and have been developed to ensure compliance with, state and federal laws, regulations, and rules.

UDOT Bonfire Procurement Platform

Consultant Services will require proposal submissions using the UDOT’s Bonfire e-procurement platform for the 2022-2025 General Engineering Services Pool interim submissions, requalification certification, and project solicitations. Please see the Consultant & Engineering Services Contracts Training webpage for additional information and instructions.

Authority to Contract

Consultant Services procures services under the authority and guidance of federal and state laws, regulations, and rules.

Utah Administrative Rule R907-66 Procurement of Consultant Services – Procedures and Contract Administration: R907-66 establishes UDOT procedures for procuring services of design, engineering, engineering‐related services, and other professional services (all referred to as consultants) and administering the attendant contracts using federal‐aid highway program funding or Utah State funding.

This Rule defines “Consultant” as an expert that UDOT contracts with to perform professional services necessary to the planning, progress, and completion of any design, engineering, and engineering related service. It also defines “Other Professional Services” such as grant writing, asset management, transportation research, prototype development, technology transfer, project‐related public involvement, right of way acquisition services, and any other service deemed necessary by the Director.

Authority to Contract

Consultant Selection Matrix

The Consultant Services – Consultant Selection Matrix serves as a valuable, single-page tool that presents an overview of the UDOT selection methods, contract caps, and estimated selection timeframe.

Consultant Selection Report

We have developed a Consultant Selection Report for contracts executed over the past year.

Marketing Report

UDOT’s Marketing Report contains current information regarding ongoing projects, including current project status, UDOT Project Managers (PMs) assigned, locations, and project values. 

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