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Access Management

Access Permits are for designing any driveway or street connection to a Utah highway.

*Create a UDOT Permit account (“New User”) if you do not already have an account.

Administrative Rule for Conditional Access Permits

The primary function of city and county roads is to provide access to property. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) recognizes that property owners have the right to reasonable access to their property. Administrative Rule R930-6 establishes standards that balance the need for reasonable access to properties with the need to preserve the smooth flow of traffic on the state highway system in terms of safety, capacity, and speed.

Failure to manage access to and from state highways can cause an increase in accidents, increased traffic congestion, decline in operating speed, loss of traffic carrying capacity, and increased traffic delays.

When is a conditional access permit required?

Do I need a Permit Pamphlet – This simple pamphlet is a quick guide to learn when you need to contact a UDOT Region for a permit. A conditional access permit is required when any of the following is true along a state highway:
  • Whenever a driveway or local street connection is requested.
  • When there is a change in land use (e.g. change in zoning, site plan, or conditional use).
  • When there is a change in intensity of an existing access.

Application Process

Conditional Access Permit Guide – This guide was developed to help explain the entire Conditional Access Permit process and may be downloaded for future reference.
  • Attend a Pre-Application meeting with the appropriate UDOT Region
    • Request a Pre-Application meeting by clicking the “Apply” button above
    • Submit a complete application packet online with the required documents identified at the Pre-Application meeting
      • Application must be within 12 months of the Pre-Application meeting
      • Review the applicable Storm Water Fact Sheet:
      • UDOT will review the application packet for completeness (within 10 business days)
      • Pay a Non-Refundable Review fee
      • UDOT will review the application for technical details and will provide a letter requesting more information, of approval, or denial
        • If denied, you have 30 calendar days to request an appeal
      • If more information was requested by UDOT, you will need to reply back with the requested changes identified within 30 calendar days
        • The majority of time of obtaining an access permit is dependent upon your response time to this request
        • Applications may be terminated by UDOT if information is not provided within 30 calendar days
      • After an approval letter is received, you will need to accept the limitations of the permit in order to acquire the Conditional Access Permit (CAP) Letter
      • Have a licensed and bonded contractor start construction by applying for an encroachment permit by submitting the approved plans
        • Construction needs to be completed within 12 months of the CAP letter
        • An extension of up to 12 months may be allowed, but if not completed after 24 months of the CAP Letter, you will need to acquire a new Conditional Access Permit

Application Forms

Your Pre-Application notes identify the forms you need for your application. Download the required forms for your application below: