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Outdoor Advertising Control

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Outdoor Advertising Control Program (OAC) regulates off-premise outdoor advertising displays along state routes. The basis for this regulation is found within the Federal Highway Beautification Act and the State of Utah Outdoor Advertising Act. All off-premise outdoor advertising displays located along state routes on private property must meet standards for sizing, lighting, spacing, and zoning. These signs may only be erected and maintained within areas zoned commercial or industrial areas.

Off-Premise Advertising: means an outdoor advertising sign that advertises an activity, service, or product and that is located on premises other than the premises at which the activity or service occurs or product is sold or manufactured.

Prior to the construction of a new sign or alteration of an existing sign along a state route an applicant must submit an application. The application forms are found below under downloads.

UDOT has created a versatile mapping system to aid the public and stakeholders with the identification of state routes, permitted outdoor advertising displays, milepost markers, and regional layers. In 2014 this innovative mapping system won the National Alliance of Highway Beautification Agencies Award of Excellence for Streamlining and Integration in Outdoor Advertising Control.

The Outdoor Advertising Control Map shows various state routes where OAC is mandated by law. By toggling layers and using pan functions the end-user can quickly identify which routes require OAC. The end-user can also learn where active billboard permits are located and identify permit-related metadata (e.g., sign owner, permit number, highway name, milepost marker, and much more). Outdoor Advertising Control Map Tutorial is available to help navigate the functions of the map.


RoadView Explorer HD

RoadView Explorer HD is an online interface that allows the end-user to virtually drive all state highways. It includes route and milepost search features. It also includes wide-view and high-definition photographs.

Outdoor Advertising Control Program Sign Data Download Portal

This link provides the public with the ability to download outdoor advertising permit-related data in an aggregate spreadsheet format. The data source is derived from the same data that populates the Outdoor Advertising Control Map. 

Unified Commercial Development Permit Waiver

Unified Commercial Development Permit Waiver Information and Downloads

Overview and Background:
During the 2017 Legislative Session, HB355 amended portions of the Utah Outdoor Advertising Act. These amendments modified portions of Utah Code §72-7-504.6, designating certain qualifying commercial centers as Unified Commercial Developments (UCDs).

Under this legislation, some commercial developments may be eligible to secure a permit exemption for signs that may otherwise be considered unlawful by state and federal law (irrespective of any prior local government approvals). Typically, such signs advertise to nearby controlled highway corridors, but the location of the sign(s) may not be located on the same premises where the advertised activity is physically occurring. In this typical scenario, such signs are off-premises signs, but through other prohibitions they can not qualify for a required off-premises sign permit from the state.

Why this is important:
This is important because this legislation builds a narrow, but navigable, bridge between what may otherwise be considered unlawful advertising. Failing to maintain effective control of off-premises advertising can subject the State of Utah to more than $30M in federal penalties each year. Such a penalty would have catastrophic funding consequences adversely affecting state and local highway development projects across Utah. Requiring removal of signs that may now qualify for protections afforded by this legislation could also create avoidable economic impacts for vital commercial development and business-oriented communities.

Application Process:
Commercial developments with signs near a controlled highway not located on the premises where the advertising activity is physically occurring may apply for a UCD Permit Waiver by submitting the UCD Permit Waiver Application.

May 2017 the Outdoor Advertising Control program won a national award for the below video from the National Alliance of Highway Beautification Agencies. 2017 Process Improvement Award.


Outdoor Advertising Control Program Guide
Updated April 10, 2017

Outdoor Advertising Permit Application (R-299 Form)
Updated February 25, 2019
New Sign Application Fee is $950. Permits are renewed annually for $90 each. All fees are non-refundable. 

Sign Alteration Permit Application (R-407 Form)
Updated February 25, 2019
Sign Alteration Application Fee is $950. All fees are non-refundable. 

Outdoor Advertising Permit Ownership Transfer Application
Updated July 1, 2015
Transfer of Ownership Application Fee is $250. Permits are renewed annually for $90 each. All fees are non-refundable. 

Outdoor Advertising Control Map Tutorial and LinkComplaint Form
Updated August 9, 2016
To better serve the public, the department has developed a complaint form. All complaints are taken seriously. Please complete the form and submit it to the department per the instructions on the form. 

Helpful Links

Introduction to Outdoor Advertising Control Video
Introduction video on Outdoor Advertising Control
State Law – Utah Outdoor Advertising ActState Rule – R933-2 Control of Outdoor Advertising SignsState Rule – R933-5 – Utah-Federal AgreementFederal Law – 23 U.S.C 131 – Control of Outdoor AdvertisingFederal Regulations – 23 CFR 750 – Highway BeautificationMAP-21 Implementation Program (NHS Route Expansion)Outdoor Advertising Control MapImportant Map Layer and Data Download Portal Disclaimer: The Department is continuously applying best efforts to improve program transparency and data quality. The data represented within this OAC Map and the OAC Sign Data Download Portal is derived directly from the Department’s inventory control system, which may contain errors or unintentional omissions (i.e., blank fields, outdated data, etc.). The Department retains the right to monitor, evaluate, adjust, modify, and correct any identified errors as they are encountered or discovered. At no time should this data be solely relied upon for decisions or actions of consequence without further direct consultation and verification of accuracy from a Department representative assigned administrative responsibility for the Department’s Outdoor Advertising Control Program.Unified Commercial Development Permit Waiver WebsiteDuring the 2017 Legislative Session, HB355 amended portions of the Utah Outdoor Advertising Act affecting Commercial Developments. This website will explain these changes.Utah Interstate LogosSince 1990 and 2016, respectively, Utah Logos has been responsible for the administration and operation of the Utah Logo Sign and the Tourist-Oriented Directional Sign Programs for the State of Utah and the Utah Department of Transportation.

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