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Special Event Permits

Special event permits provide a number of social and economic benefits for the public.  They include events such as parades, bicycle events, walks, marches, marathons, and a specialized subcategory covering film-related activities.  The principal purpose of these permits is to help ensure vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic conflict points are minimized.  They also help reduce the amount of disruption to the traveling public, while setting forth minimum liability protections for all involved parties.  In effect, special event permits allow limited access to the state right-of-way through a responsible and controlled permitting process.  

The remainder of this page contains important downloads and links relating to the special event permit application process.  For more information please contact the appropriate Region Permit Office here: Permits Contact Information.

Statewide Special Event Permit Program Fee Adjustment Notification 


Special Event Fee TypesAdjusted Fee
(Single Region) Special Event Application Fee$250
(Multi-Region) Special Event Application Fee$500
Expedited Review Fee* (<30 Days Notice + Completed Application)$600
Event Coordination, Inspection, and Monitoring (regular hours)$60/hr
Event Coordination, Inspection, and Monitoring (non-regular hours)$80/hr

All fees are non-refundable. *The Expedited Review Fee is in addition to the appropriate Special Event Review Fee. For additional information please review this PDF document.


  • STEP ONE: Application Checklist Completion RequirementSTART HERE!  The first step to initiate the Special Event Permit application process is to complete this required checklist.  When complete, the checklist must be saved and then uploaded as a required document in the Online Permit System.  This checklist provides the applicant with a good high-level overview of standardized and minimum permitting requirements.  It should be largely self-explainable.  It is specifically designed to aid the applicant with efficiently completing the application process. 
  • R920-4 Special Event Administrative Rule(Revision enacted on 01-07-2016).  
  • Waiver and Release of Damages Form*SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. All event participants must complete this form (including the event organizer/permittee).2. Form completion is not required for qualified First Amendment assembly/free speech events.3. The event organizer/permittee must retain all completed form for 12-months after the event and produce a copy of all completed forms for review if requested by the Department.
  • Indemnification Form*SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. The event organizer/permittee must complete this form and submit it at the time of application.2. Form completion is not required for qualified First Amendment assembly/free speech events.
  • Fee Adjustment Notification (Special Event Permit Program)Per Utah State Law 2015 HB 289 Special Event Permit Fees are being adjusted with an effective date of Monday, August 1st, 2016.  This document provides some additional background information regarding the adjusted permit fees.  It also identifies some best practices for effectively managing the subject permit fees.   

Helpful Links:

  • Apply Online (Online Permit System)This link takes the applicant directly to the Department’s Online Permit System.  This system allows new applicants to register to use the system.  Registered users can create and submit a new application, or check the status of prior applications.  Please ensure the Required Application Checklist including all accompanying required documents are completed and available for immediate uploading before starting this Special Event Permit application using the Online Permit System.