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Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permits are for bonded contractors to perform any construction activity within the UDOT right-of-way.

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What administrative rule governs encroachment permits?

Utah Code Section 72-7-102 prohibits digging or excavating within the state right-of-way to place, construct, or maintain any approach road, driveway, pole, pipeline, conduit, sewer, ditch, culvert, billboard advertising sign, or any other structure or object of any kind or character without first obtaining a permit. Administrative rule R930-7 establishes standards for construction and maintenance activities with the need to preserve smooth flow of traffic on the state highway system in terms of safety, capacity, and speed.

When is an encroachment permit required?

An encroachment permit is required when any construction or maintenance activity is digging or requires traffic control within the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) right-of-way.

Statewide Permit Interactive Map

What is the encroachment permit process?

Encroachment Permit Guide – This guide was developed to help explain the Encroachment Permit process and may be downloaded for future reference.
  • Enter into a Statewide Utility License Agreement (SULA) if installing or maintaining utility facilities
  • Provide a detailed plan of work in a PDF format
  • Provide certified Traffic Control Plans
  • Provide a certificate of liability insurance
  • Provide a Performance and Warranty Bond
  • Provide a signed MS4 Compliance Plan
  • Pay the required fee
  • Accept the limitations of the permit

What documents and forms do I need?

Who do I contact with additional questions?