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Standard Specifications & Standard Drawings

Standard Specifications are written to the Contractor. They define Contractor responsibility in each specification, list the Department’s expectations, and explain what the Contractor is expected to provide. All actions are to be performed by the Contractor unless otherwise noted. A Special Provision may revise the Standard for a specific contract.

Standard Drawings are written to the Contractor, defining Contractor responsibility. A Plan Sheet may provide more detailed information or revise the Standard for a specific contract.

2020 Standard Specifications and Standard Drawings

The Standards Committee has approved a new Standards release process. (View the release flyer.)

The first step approved by the Committee was to create the 2020 Standards editions which simply incorporated the 2017 Supplemental Specifications and 2017 Supplemental Drawings into the main Standards books in an effort to eliminate the clutter caused by the number of Supplementals approved over the last 3 1/2 years.

The only new changes that differ from the 2017 Standards and Supplementals are items that were approved at the June 25, 2020 Standards meeting. All items on the June agenda were approved, and the agenda for that meeting can be found here: June 25, 2020

2020 Standards Books

Standard Specification and Standard Drawing Books – Please give the books time to load. The files are large.

Table of Contents

2020 Table of Contents

DGN Standard Drawings for Use in Design

Please follow the link below to access DGN copies of Standard Drawings. These DGN versions are only for use in design (i.e. plan sheets) and should not be used as contract documents.
These versions should not be used to make Standards Updates. Any files with the intention to be presented to the Standards Committee should be requested from the Standards Section.

2020 Drawings (DGN version – Unofficial) for Design Work Only

Standard Specification and Drawing Comment Form

If you have found an error on a Standard Specification or Standard Drawing or you have a suggestion for an update or just a comment, please complete this form, and your information will be passed to the owning group or individual for consideration.

Standards Comment Form

Standard Specification Web References

All web references within the Standard Specifications and Special Provisions are linked from one common Department web link. To view the references listed by Section number use the following link.

Standard Specification and Special Provision Web References

2017 Standard Specifications and Standard Drawings

Contact Information

Contact a Subject Matter Expert if you have a technical question about a particular specification or drawing:

Standard Drawing and Standard Specification Contact Listing – Updated July 8, 2020

Contact the Design and Standards Section with general questions or for other information:

George Lukes – Standards and Design Engineer

801-633-8186 (cell)

Bob Peterson – Methods Engineer

801-633-9778 (cell)

Jim Buckley – Technology Advancement Specialist/3D Design and Visualization


Brad Yeates – Department Standards Coordinator

385-315-3872 (cell)

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee reviews and approves all standard drawings, specifications, and related policies and procedures prior to implementation. The Committee also considers relevant matters presented to it by interested groups or individuals and formulates appropriate action within its scope of responsibility.

Regular meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of February, June, September, and November from 8:30 a.m. to noon. The chairman may call or cancel a meeting based on the quantity and urgency of pending business. Meetings may also be called by three or more of the permanent committee members.

Turn in a submittal sheet and all pertinent information, specifications, and/or drawings to the Standards and Design Section according to UDOT Policy 08A5-01.

Member listing updated January 2020.

Standards Committee Members

Committee Meeting Schedule – Includes key dates for those wishing to submit items to the Committee

Two Week Review Sites for Proposed Standards Changes and Updates

Approved Standards Committee Submittal Sheet

Standards Committee Policy (08A5-01)

Current and past Standards Committee agenda packages include current agenda, last meeting minutes, and supporting information.

Minutes are available so you can be aware of actions that have taken place. Direct any questions or concerns on the minutes or agenda to the item presenter and owner listed in the Agenda.

All agenda supporting files included in these packages are draft copies only.These items CANNOT be used on projects as standards until approved and notification given by the Standards Section.

Standards Committee Meetings

Previous Editions of Standard Specifications and Standard Drawings

Please note that the majority of requests for old Standards versions will require a GRAMA request. For information on making a request for old records please visit: GRAMA Requests

2012, 2008, 2005, and 2004 Standards

Standard Specifications and Standard Drawings and all related information for the 2012, 2008, 2005, and 2004 Editions are no longer available on the web. You may contact one of the following for more information.

George Lukes – Standards and Design Engineer


Brad Yeates – Department Standards Coordinator