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Interstate Lighting Maintenance

UDOT is responsible for lighting maintenance on interstate highways and specific routes throughout the state. The Interstate Lighting Maintenance program provides a means for operating and maintaining existing highway lighting infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure motorists benefit from the safety advantages of highway lighting that is functioning properly. We identify current deficiencies and develop annual prioritized project lists, establish a systematic relamping program, maintain a current GIS database, including lighting inventory and maintenance information, and schedule the work utilizing state forces to effectively complete the work in a timely manner and at a lower cost. UDOT interstate lighting maintenance is limited to the following highways:

Interstate Routes – I-15, I-215, I-70, I-80 and I-84
U.S. Routes – U.S. 40 (from I-80 to Summit/Wasatch County Line) and U.S. 189 in Provo Canyon
State Routes – S.R. 201 (from 5600 West to I-15), S.R. 67 (Legacy Highway) and S.R. 154 (Bangerter Highway) To submit questions, comments, or concerns regarding interstate lighting, please use the following contact information: Matthew Smith

Interstate Lighting Manager
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Concerns regarding highway lighting on other state Routes not listed above should be addressed to local city or county government officials.

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